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  1. Living in SE Texas, unless it is winter (which we do not have much of) pretty hard for me to go from the office to the course without changing clothes. Too hot for slacks most of the year. And, I work in an office and wear long sleeve button down collar shirts to work. I always carry a change of clothes for golf in a bag in my truck along with golf shoes and socks. I do go prepared just in case I go play directly from the office. As far as white belts are concerned (I am 71 years old BTW), when I was up in the 235 to 245# range, I would not wear a white belt on a bet. Now that I weigh i
  2. Welcome to MGS. Where bouts do you live Tex?
  3. Rick Kimbrell - Weston Lakes Texas Current handicap index is 10.6 Launcher HB Driver/FW/Hybrids As far as irons are concerned, I would hope the fitter would tell me which irons best suit my swing. CBX Wedges Same for putter, whatever fits the way I swing the putter best. I trust the fitter to know what I need better than I would know.
  4. I will play a ball until it is scuffed and then(when I clean my bag out) it goes in the ball bucket in my garage to give to a buddy of mine who hits balls out into a pasture. I may play a ball 3 or 4 rounds. I don't lose a lot of golf balls. I do however find a bunch of balls...many practically new. I play new balls in tournaments but otherwise, I pull something out of the bag that is not scuffed and tee it up. I play between 120 and 150 rounds a year. If I were to buy 5 dozen balls at one time, they would last me over a year.
  5. I carry 14 clubs. I could probably drop my 3wood out as I rarely ever hit it. I trust my driver and the next club I would use off the tee most times would be my 3hybrid.
  6. I have belonged to private clubs for almost 40 years. I love "club life". I enjoy the ease of getting out to play, practice facility, and playing in club tournaments. There is usually a game 2 days a week and on Saturday as well as the regularly scheduled MGA tournaments. I do not play in all the MGA events simply because I do not like the format. I love match play and I love individual stroke play. Scrambles...they are ok. 2man events are fun. I do not like stuff like "3 club tournament". Anything that is tricked up...I generally don't play in them. BUT...I also play in a traveling
  7. I have not been to Battleground in several months but some of the guys who post on Greater Houston Golfers on Facebook say their greens are in terrible shape right now. Hope they get them turned around soon.
  8. Have never played any Mizuno irons. Would be a great first try. First name and home town Rick - Weston Lakes, TX Handicap 13 Current irons/shafts TaylorMade Burner 1.0, stiff steel Custom Fit – yes or no - Yes
  9. My tournament league employs the adjustment for playing from different tees in our tournaments. Sometimes the adjustment can be as much as 4 strokes. I am 69 years old and qualify to play from the senior tees. The question each tournament is how many strokes will it cost me and is it worth the adjustment to move up to the senior tees. Some of our seniors never think twice...they always move up. Some, like me, decide each event whether to move up or not. It really depends on how much yardage advantage we gain and on what holes.
  10. Rick Kimbrell - Texas currently playing a Ping B60 Scottsdale
  11. Not paying that kind of price for underwear and definitely not doing wool against my skin. That would drive me nuts. I am ok with a base layer and wool over it but wool against my bare skin just does not work for me.
  12. I guess some people who are members of private clubs ONLY play at that course but that is not true for everyone. I have belonged to 5 different private clubs over the years and have never just played the club where I belonged. Currently am a member at the one where I live. But I too belong to a traveling golf club and we play all over the Greater Houston area 2 times every month. I also play a lot of golf at different golf courses in the area outside of my traveling group. I belong to the club where I live because it is convenient to get in my golf cart and go play anywhere from a handful
  13. I signed up for the contest. I looked at the Criquet line of shirts. I don't do pockets on golf shirts and I definitely don't do cotton golf shirts living here in Texas. So, their line of clothing does nothing for me.
  14. I don't see this as being an enforceable policy. Lots and lots of people post their scores online for handicapping. I have never really been a favor of it but USGA allows it. Where is the peer review in those scores being posted? I can just see the question coming up now..."Did you play alone?" and it not letting you post if you answer yes.
  15. Well, according to SoloRider website, they are in Plano TX. I wonder how much testing they have done in other parts of the country. Just sayin...... Also, would be interesting to know if the club in question uses riding greens mowers or now. I know of quite a number of clubs with soft greens that do not use riding greens mowers. They mow them with some really slick operate by hand mowers. Very quick and efficient but obviously not as quick as riding mowers.
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