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  1. G stands for Generation. The G2 was made by the second generation of the Solheim family, I think i read this somewhere in an article when the G2 series was introduced.
  2. Hi everyone. Very cool that we have a forum on here now. I wanted to know if there are any other PING collectors on this site. I am trying to get in contact with other collectors. I am collecting every thing PING. But my mean goal is to get a single iron from every set ever made. From the US men I only miss the 69 and 68 irons US Ladies I miss the I3 Blade JAPAN men I miss the Rapture V2 J and Anser JAPAN Ladies I miss the Rapture V2 JL Thanks
  3. PING !! Of course I am a PING PLAYER since 1993 and have almost every iron ever made by PING.
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