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  1. I find it weird that Lucas is still using the SQ Sumo.
  2. Looking for a new driver for next year and was wondering if anyone has tried these side by side and has some opinions. Also if you have either of these drivers please leave your feedback. And do you think I should wait for the new Vr pro driver? will it be worth the extra money? Thanks.
  3. What are the difference between the adams a4 irons and cb2 irons. They look similar so i was wondering if they were any different. Thanks.
  4. I am right now. I am actually saving up for new irons though. The adams cb2. I just want something with a little more forgiveness. The nikes are good if you are a really consistent ball striker. But for me i think that if you dont hit them on the sweet spot you lose a lot of distance and control. Just my 2 cents.
  5. I can't decide between my hybrids and long irons. What do you think?
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