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  1. howdy, yes on the thread, but just cant make it there !
  2. Almost did not need to read after the 2nd paragraph. but some golf-reason I had too
  3. sorry, cant make it. Appreciate the huge effort though!
  4. Had two shots that were Cool to watch 18th, wedge shot from 15 yards away from green. flew the green by another 10 yards. 2nd shot, flew it over again into the sand bunker. picked up ball, was done. like I said, cool to WATCH. the real pizzer.... it was a par 5, and that first wedge fly over was shot 3... considering I was 3 putting all day that ball-pick up was my best move...
  5. great observations. And the thing is, there are so many shots that have to be taken that are hard, and one has to have the mental aspect of both why, and the expectation of results. Two examples; Yesterday was not far off the green on a Par 3. easy enough Lob - I practice it more. But also easy chip - which I have little practice with.. so knew I had to chip...lol. and cost me a stroke. And chipped again...a little better, yet it cost me another stroke - maybe. OTOH, I know I had to try it. real course conditions and all Also a in the woods, like the JD playoff situation.. only tighter. came real close to bending a shaft on a tree trunk. No expectations. luckily the ball went to a good place I could have just as easily cussed about it, and kicked it with my foot... Overall, it is hard to "man up" and take shots you don't want to, for the sake of ego, or one day's scorecard.
  6. of my 27hc game....thanks but no thanks the grip thing is courtesy of a Mark Crossfield video. the look behind you can find in golf digest article/replies
  7. Dollars to donuts: Try either a stronger or weaker grip. (since you didn't say slice or hook) keep 60%+ of your weight on the left foot. with the driver, look behind the ball like an inch behind and stay focused. (for a slice)
  8. BTW, Yes in 3 lessons, you would be on track to breaking 100.
  9. The Plane truth sounds like a good idea. Have not read it, but should. also I benefited from Mark Crossfield's videos, and will also chime in by saying, buckeyemark, check them out. a year is a long time to not break 100. you almost have to play every day for some months to break 100, when starting out. of course some people are Way better to start. would suggest telling us what are your worst problems ? most folks just have real basic faults, or try to hit to hard, even without knowing it.
  10. On the low side. still get a good amount of ball flight height. maybe too much sometimes. 10.5 adams. place ball a bit back of the left heel. I also look behind the ball about 1/2" or so, which was a miracle driver-hitting discovery for me.
  11. Regular flex here. In the past, have played with "building" drivers and 3w, etc. Sometimes with stiff shafts. Not an Ego thing, lol. Just messing around. My irons are Regular flex steel and seem to work very well, when I do my part, and I get "proper" distances. today I pulled off a low and long shot with the 5Hy needed it low to clear branches and it went much further than I expected. But, this morning I went to the Range and got a 15 minute 'demo lesson" from the pro, which helped in the how-to aspect.
  12. Sounds great, I really enjoy meeting up with players that are forum nuts, lol.
  13. Had good results with the 5hybrid this morning at the range. really just amounted too standing to far away - and some kind of cross between a iron and driver swing plane, lol. went back to basics at addressing the ball... Aha! club head was 2 to 3 inches away when the club was lowered to the ground. fixed that, kept good eye-focus/head down, easy backswing and result was some decent to very decent hits. funny, how hard that I had to work at this with the 5 than the 4. OTOH, maybe I was just lucky with the 4.
  14. Nike does have a reputation to live up to. I admit I know nothing of the footjoy people. maybe their price breaks have a pretty significant difference in intended use.. so far, I play every day that it does not rain. my 2 weeks in these shoes is 12 days. Now if I were a once a month player... who indeed, is probably the target buyer for the low cost.. voila, 12 days become 12 months, lol. Guess I now know the answer, and what my expectation should be..... lol
  15. These are 2 WEEKS old. I spent about 60? for a pair of Nike air-some version back in 2008, and they are still fairly decent.
  16. yes on hitting like an Iron even use the same "thought" when hitting a 3w off the grass. if nothing else, it helps the mental aspect. What happens with the #5 hybrid is an ugly, ugly slice. unlike anything else. even the occasional #4 hybrid or Iron slice is nowhere near as severe,not even close. makes me really wonder if there could be something wrong with the shaft or??
  17. Kind of what I was afraid of.... I got them from Sports Authority. not my first choice,(inconvenient location) but was using a gift card for some golf balls at the time. with any luck, they will let me return them and upgrade.
  18. maybe its a swing weight thing. #4 good. and 6-iron just fine. just one of those things I guess. will have to spend some good range time with it.
  19. Realizing it is a low cost model, Picked up a pair a few weeks ago. Right shoe has developed a "breakdown" that causes my foot to "lean" left. at all times, standing,walking etc. has anyone else experienced this? I am sure I don't have the receipt for them anymore.. darn it, so not sure I can return them.
  20. wow, this sounds like a great golf meetup. I would love to attend, if you can take another.
  21. Gaming 4 and 5 Adams A12 hybrids. The 4 works pretty darn good. Often enough, real good. While the 5 seems impossible to get a decent straight shot!! the only time I have ever hit it straight were a few range balls... really drives me crazy. Both are identical models and flex. May just have to put the 5-iron back in the bag...lol.
  22. Howdy, another golf addict here. Hitting into the rough from North Dallas area. Can't say I have a lot to post, but always enjoy a good read.
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