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  1. They made it so the overall weight and even the swing weight matched a standard 2-ball putter exactly!! so the lucky owner could actually use it!! how awsome is that!
  2. these look very naughty... something that might finally trump my scotty!!
  3. it's amazing what marketing power they have!
  4. OMG it's not very pretty! ill stick to my Rife thanks
  5. its not just a new shaft option... they are as light as a feather, new driver shafts are 39grams if you saw Boo Weekly using one to hit a 340-odd yard drive not long ago. There is something there to "trump" equivalent clubs!
  6. They look really cheap to me, sorry to say!
  7. The new drivers have a 39gram shaft!!! (59gram in the tour model) Think of the handspeed you could generate! it would be like a badminton racket
  8. Srixon do the orange AD333 which are pretty awsome as well
  9. Has anyone tried putting a tour stick through you belt buckles and hitting balls? stops your hips over/under rotating i think they were made for peoples driveways, thats why there's a reflective material! so you dont drive on your grass!
  10. I hope the new irons have some technology in the face which increases distance, very much like the new Mizuno JPX-800 irons (if you've seen/heard about them), if not then i agree that they are regressing! I have to sell them as well!
  11. Depends how you look after them i guess, i use Rife and prefer the technology as the off centre hit has no side spin! ...it would be good to see PUMA with the name as Odyssey is with Callaway as i like my Cobra equipment.
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