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  1. Thanks a lot for you detailed reply RoverRick! I will probably go for the r11 then if its easier to hit. Should I go with the 65g stiff shaft or the 85g of the tp? My ss with driver is around 105-110mph. I can buy the nike vr pro for 35 $ like new with the project x 5.5 shaft or the tm rescue 11 with either shaft mentioned above for $55. Since the nike was 20$ cheaper I was leaning towards it bc if I didn't like the stock shaft I could replace it. Tks all
  2. Hi , Im a currently 14hc and i want to get an 18 deg. Hybrid and I was debating between those two. I currently play nike vr pro combo irons. I wanted to know who tried them , which one you preferred and why? Thanks guys!
  3. Jpx 800 pro comes with dynalite gold S300. Cb1- project x 6.0 flighted. So both stiff. No need to change shaft. You brought another point which one is better of the two shafts? Which one has more of a true flight? tks
  4. There's many good wedges out there, you need to try as many as you can. I've hear good things and personally like the Wilson Staff FG Tour Wedge. They are really good wedges and you can get them at half the prices of the vokeys! Also they look great! You can have your 56* Vokey bent to 55* to close the gap with your JPX825 and if you like the vokeys, just buy another one with 59* or 60* so you have a matching set. If you want to save some $$$ i would go with the wilson's. IMHO there's no wedge out there that beats it in quality/price at the end its up to you! Go to the store and hit some!
  5. Hi R.P. I've start playing last september so it's been less than a year. The last 2 months i wasl playng 3 times a week, but since last week im 6-7 per week. My average score is 94, but i should be breaking 90 anytime now. Now i have this "walmart set" called Fairway (LOL). I can get the mizuno FOr 350$ and the CB1 for 275$ both used. I know about the Mizuno reputation but i want a set that i can grow into it. Ive hit both of them and in the feel of both are great! I might even say cb1 slighlty softer. Jpx 800 pro is more forgiven though. Thanks
  6. Hi, Im debeting between these Two? which one would you pic and why? Thanks for your help!
  7. They just said that they didnt find this # in their database and that a # could be wrong.
  8. Thanks for your help! I feel a little better buyong them I play with someone that has the same iron in lefty. Im going to as him if i can borrow one to compare it when i will meet with the seller tomorrow.
  9. Its a set from 4-Pw with Kbs tour stiff shaft and golpride multi coumpound grip. We settle the price at 280$. he gave me a serial # but when i called TMade they said they didnt find anything. I asked the seller to re- check the #. He said he bought at golftown and it was 100% authentic. I dont know this seller. Thanks for the help
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