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  1. Robert / Milwaukie, OR / USA Odyssey Stroke Lab #9 - 34" TM Mullen (backup) I have used a variety of mallet / mid-mallet putters, including Odyssey #7/ Ping Craz-E, and others. I have a solid practice regimen and drills to work on stroke and feel. I have easy access to indoor practice mat and outdoor putting green and practice year-round. I've used arm-lock putters & (before banned) belly putters. I currently prefer a traditional stroke putter. I am interested in PINGs addition to adjust the length. I am meticulous in details and change my own grips. I am interested in the FLOKI or Piper C models
  2. Your first name and home state/province: Rob, Oregon Current handicap/avg score: 7.5, 79 Have you ever gamed Wilson irons? Yes If so, which set? Fat Shaft What is your current iron set? 2012 Taylormade TP CB Sent from my XT1575 using Tapatalk
  3. Your Handicap = 7.3 Your State/Province = Oregon Your Swing Speed & Average Carry Distance = 97 / 240 Your Preference (F7 or F7+) = F7 Currently play the Cobra Bio Cell - would be a good comparison.
  4. Robert Locati, Oregon 8.2 50 Primarily online, on sale at Big Box
  5. I agree, it is very slightly more 'pear-shaped', just thought I'd point out that they are basically the same overall width / height.
  6. How can it be a 'nearest relief point' if it's also 'under casual water', his relief point would have to be 'full relief from the casual water'. That is correct...just using the rules to his advantage. That's also why he called an official over, if they tell him it's good, then no other viewer/player can question it. Y.E. Yang did the same thing (ie - using the rules to his advantage) on 13 also (I think), his second shot ended up next to the collar on the par 5, to the left of the green. This would be a tricky shot, but he took his 'lift, clean, and place' relief to the left, which allowed him to place the ball in the first cut of rough. This gave him a nice cushioned lie and he got it close for a birdie putt. Of course, he blew it on 17!
  7. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but, from my analysis, they are essentially the SAME DESIGN (see attached pic), the one on the left 'appears' smaller since it is being viewed straight down and the one on the right 'appears' to have a larger face because you can see more of the face from an angle (it's also resting slightly open). They are the same width and length.
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