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  1. I think it's just a fad but with all these players winning with one I think we're going to see a whole bunch of players at least testing it out to see if it fits their style or helps.
  2. wow you generally don't hear about this kind of stuff from a golfer (unless your tiger woods of course)
  3. Nice, I have always been a big fan of Adams hybrids. Definitely some of the best out there.
  4. oh nice I was just about to ask the same question....he's had Scotty in his bag for what like 10 years now?
  5. I've been getting a ton of those emails from retailers saying price drop! What driver you looking at?
  6. interesting concept I'm definitely looking forward to the MSG review
  7. very interesting looking not at all like the tour edge line I have seen clubs from... very reminiscent of Pings
  8. Seems like a pretty good experience as a college player already making records not bad he will be fun to watch on Tour in a few years.
  9. Ya generally if you see something like that where the price is too good to be true it is. Online retailers have to adhere to manufacture approved prices and can't really stray from those otherwise they will be punished by the manufacturer and they obviously don't want that. I know for Ping especially they have a certain price they want everything to be sold at so I would go with a retailer you know and trust if your buying online
  10. I would say either way with the G5 or G3 Garmin has done a phenomenal job with their golf gps. The G5 has quiet a few added bells and whistle which explains it's price difference. I think the only difference is the sizing, some of the precision distance measurements, and the scoring feature.
  11. congrats great prize to win! I think I need to start entering more of those contests retailers and manufacturers seem to have a new one every week.
  12. sounds like it should be a great fit it will be interesting to see if anything really changes
  13. I didn't think the S3 was all that different from the S2 other than the restyling on the clubhead. It's a really great forgiving club that I tend to really like in my drivers but you still get that performance distance it's a pretty good mix. I don't own the club though only demoed it a few times.
  14. well that's shocking to see the differences
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