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  1. The face inserts have become a thing of the past but some OEM's are going multi-material in other ways. Case in point, Mizuno used an 11 gram Titanium insert, forged directly into the outer muscle of the MP-58, to provide for a solid feel while increasing perimeter weighting for stability on off-centre hits (according to their web site).
  2. If no one else will say it then I will... the color scheme of the X-24 is just god awful. It looks like one of those cheap component irons. It really makes no difference what shaft they put in these. I wouldn't game them.
  3. I can report that Matt is a witch with the wedges around the green. The cheap ball he was playing didn't seem to hurt that phase of his game at all. Putting... well... we won't talk about that. Lets just say that neither one of us we're doing proud by our Byrons.
  4. What did you gentleman get? Mine should be here tomorrow. Just in time to "unleash hell" on Matt. We're supposed to play on Saturday.
  5. I was saying that a little tongue in cheek as I'm amused when people say such things BUT... I will say that I've personally had really good experiences with Adam in the fairway wood and hybrid category. I'm eyeballing their new Superhybrid although I'll wait for the prices to come down on them before I invest.
  6. If you guys had put Adams fairway woods in your bags then they would have been set a long time ago.
  7. In all seriousness, I always though the Rapture name was weird anyway. Raptor would have been cooler. Rapture is just odd. It makes more sense for them to stick with their letter series and honor Mr. Karsten with the "K". It's fitting if the K-series is the most forgiving in the line-up. He pioneered many of the game improvement innovations that we enjoy today.
  8. In the great words of Mr. Hand (at Aldila): What are you, people? On dope?
  9. I also reviewed this club on A2G: Cleveland Launcher DST Driver Review My review wasn't as nearly scientific (so maybe not the ULTIMATE) but I was a bit more smitten with the Launcher than the MGS testers once I found the right loft/shaft combination. I think Cleveland has a real sleeper on its hands.
  10. I concur. I've bagged both the Launcher DST Driver and the CG15 wedges. I was also looking hard at the CG7 irons before eventually deciding on a set of Bridgestones. Keith was amazing - one of the nicest and most responsive Media/PR reps I've ever encountered.
  11. Mat- First off, congrats on achieving a 7 handicap by such a young age. That is truly a great accomplishment. Most golfers never achieve that level of skill in their lifetime. Regarding your question, my opinion is that both clubs are worthy of your consideration but none of us can really answer your question. You need to hit them and see which irons suit your eye and swing. Unlike my decision chronicled in the players iron thread between the Bridgestone J36s and Mizuno MP 57s, your situation is different because the two clubs you are interested in are very, very different. One is cast and the other is forged. The I15 has a thicker top line and a wider sole, etc, etc. You will find both Ping and Mizuno loyalists on this board so getting an unbiased opinion will be nearly impossible. You need to demo them. Regards, Blaine
  12. I think you'll find that the Mizuno 58s are surprisingly forgiving.
  13. Well, I registered for the free 6 iron and they never sent one. I didn't care for Taylormade before and now I REALLY don't like them for dissing me on the promotion. So, they never seriously made it into the mix on my demo list. Doom on them. That is a very good deal though on the Burners. I can see why you pulled the trigger.
  14. I didn't want this to turn into a bash Ping thread. Ping irons are awesome in their own right and I played them the first seven years of my golf life so it would be hypocritical for me to bash them now. They cater to their niche I'd say better than anyone - the mid to high handicap player. Certainly, players that "grew up" with Ping gravitate towards their I and S series irons when they become better and that is certainly a viable option. I just think there are better options in that niche than Ping if you look at it subjectively and not through the tainted goggles of a Ping loyalist.
  15. The Endo forgings are a little bit "clicky" compared to Mizuno, but they are still plenty soft and a big improvement in that category over my cast Pings.
  16. Tim- It's a fine line, but if you notice "forged" wasn't in my original criteria. However, in the "players" category, the forged clubs stand out due to feel. But they are also in many cases less forgiving. Like any other mid-handicapper, I'm torn between bagging forged irons that look great in the bag but may be above my current skill level and versus non-forged or two piece forged sets that feature more forgiveness but still have the other attributes of a players iron. In the end, I decided to go with forged knowing that on days when I'm off my scoring will probably suffer but making the transition now is best if I want to take my game to the next level.
  17. Update - picked up a set of the Bridgestone J36 pocket cavities. Grabbed a set off the Bay that has only been played a couple of rounds for $275 with the project X shafts. Couldn't pass up that deal. Still might get a set of Mizunos too...
  18. Project X 5.0 or 5.5 shafts with 1 degree upright lie angle and +1" length. Why? Do you have a set you were looking to sell? If so, PM me.
  19. I demo'd a bunch of irons this past week... The Callaway X Forged were the first irons I tried. I didn't like them at all. Very limited forgiveness on miss hits. Smaller heads compared to some of the other sets I tried. Just not for me. Maybe some day but not now. I also tried the X22 Tours. I actually thought they felt great on nutted shots and they also offered a good amount of forgiveness for this category. Definitely an option, but not my first choice based on aesthetics. Next up were the Bridgestone J36 pocket cavities. Wow, I really like these clubs. Great looking irons. The Endo forgings felt like butter. The cavity, hidden at address on even the long irons, provided a decent amount of forgiveness. I'm strongly considering picking up a set of these even if they aren't my regular gamers. I tried Titlest AP2 and Burner TP's, Ugh. Not even close to the Bridgestones. Might as well be on a different planet. Then came the Mizunos. My favorite model were the MP 57's. These were wonderful. A touch more forgiving than the Bridgestone's in the long irons and even softer (which I didn't think going in was even possible). Great penetrating ball flight with the Project X shafts. These were my favorites. So, I'm off to find a set of pre-owned MP 57's. If I can't find a good deal on these or I can't get them with the right specs then I won't hesitate to pull the trigger on the Bridgestones. In the end, I think I'd be happy with either set.
  20. Sears & Edwin Watts Golf Joins Forces To Create Golf Industry's First "Store-Within-A-Store" Retail Model Select Sears Stores Nationwide To House Edwin Watts Golf Shops, Providing Customers With A Service-Based, Interactive, In-Store Golf Experience FORT WALTON BEACH, FL, April 22, 2010…Sears Holdings (NASDAQ: SHLD), one of the nation's largest broadline retailers, today announced a multi-year agreement with Edwin Watts Golf Shops, LLC, one of the world's largest specialty golf retailers, to establish the first U.S. based "store-within-a-store" retail model for the golf industry. As a result, Edwin Watts will open 12 new service-oriented golf shops inside of existing Sears stores in key locations nationwide. The first Edwin Watts Golf Shop is scheduled to open in the Murray, UT Sears location by May 31, 2010, and will be followed by openings at Sears store locations in Hicksville, NY; Falls Church, VA and Friendswood, TX. Following the initial openings, eight additional Edwin Watts Golf Shops are slated to open at Sears store locations in Maryland, Illinois, New York, Florida and Kentucky. "This first-of-its-kind partnership with Sears is a significant development in the golf industry as it expands the access of service-oriented golf retail to all levels of golfers, while helping to drive new players to the game," said John Watson, Chief Executive Officer, Edwin Watts Golf Shops. "We chose to partner with Sears based on our strategic need for a mall-based retailer with a national footprint, as well as affiliations with leading brands such as Craftsman Tools and Nordic Track, which strongly align with the golfer demographic." "Sears Holdings is very pleased to welcome Edwin Watts Golf Shops into our Sears locations. We believe they are the perfect complementary retailer to our expansive sporting goods business and we look forward to seeing them surprise and delight customers with their first-class array of products and customer service," said Jeff Stollenwerck, Sears Holdings' president of Real Estate. Each Edwin Watts Golf Shop housed inside a Sears location is designed as a specialty store format with footprints ranging from 2,700-3,000 sq. ft., while offering the familiar layout and shopping experience as the Company's free-standing golf shops. The shops, which will be strategically positioned near other major Sears departments (electronics, tools, appliances, sporting goods), will be staffed by Edwin Watts Golf associates, all with deep experience and training in golf equipment and technologies, the golf industry, professional fitting and customer service – key differentiators for the Edwin Watts Golf brand, and the "store-within-a-store" concept. Each store will feature select product assortments in golf equipment & apparel, electronics and related golf accessories from top brands such as Callaway, TaylorMade, Titleist, FootJoy, adidas Golf, Cleveland, Cobra, Adams, Wilson, Champions Tour and others. The shops will present consumers with a service-based, interactive golf experience showcasing product testing, via an in-store putting green and hitting bay, game improvement clinics, expert golf club and golf ball performance fitting, the latest equipment technology, apparel styles, other innovations and much more. In addition, customers who carry the Sears credit card will have the ability to use their credit card for in-store Edwin Watts Golf Shop purchases at the participating locations. Adds Watson, "The partnership between Sears and Edwin Watts Golf Shops presents a major advantage for today's leading golf equipment companies, offering a new channel of distribution within a retail brand that offers tremendous equity value and global recognition. As the golf industry is seeking opportunities to increase participation and interest across all demographics, this retail model will allow a new audience of consumers to experience golf each time they visit their local Sears store."
  21. Nic - not familiar with the CB series. What's the difference between the two?
  22. So, let me see... You'd recommend the Mizuno irons then? Actually, it's not the first time I've heard that. Mizuno also fares well on resale (like Ping).
  23. Thanks Andrew. You definitely know your Callaway so I will replace the X-22 tours with the X Forged. I have to admit - the 2007 X Forged irons did catch my eye at Dick's the other day. And Project X is also my preferred shaft. Appreciate the feedback!
  24. I have been playing Titty NXT Tours and Nike One Blacks. But both are almost gone so I decided to try something different. Got a screaming deal on some AAAAA recycled Nike Vapors. I've been wanting to try them and it seemed like a pretty cheap, low risk way to do that. We'll see how they play. Still love the Srixon Z-Star's but not what they do to my wallet.
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