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  1. Golf is supposed to be fun. If you're truly sick then stay home. Take care of your body - it's the only one you have!
  2. I think Cleveland released the best wedge they have ever produced in the CG15. The CG7 Black Pearl irons are generating a lot of buzz also. Ping scored huge with the G15 and I15 drivers and the G15 irons. Did Titleist come out with anything compelling? Maybe they would be the failure.
  3. I've decided the offset and wide soles of my Pings are doing me more harm than good at this point. So, I've decided to take the plunge and purchase my first set of true player irons. I've done a little research. I don't want training wheels but I'm looking for a set that has a small amount of forgiveness built in. Thin soles, minimal offset and a thin top line without a lot going on at address. Here is my initial demo list: Mizuno MP-57/58 Callaway X-22 Tour Cleveland CG Tour Bridgestone J36 Pocket If any of you have feedback on any of these then your input would be much appreciated. Also, am I missing any set from my initial list that fits my criteria that I should include? Thanks!
  4. Could lightning strike twice? Or are Grandmaster Spies ineligible?
  5. The X-22's have the new conforming grooves. That is why the X-20's are suddenly very popular.
  6. I thought that was an odd thing for her dad to say right now, but quotes are often taken out of context. Anyway, it's a very sad thing when someone so young dies - whatever the circumstance.
  7. AAAAA Quality for $9.95 plus an additional 10% off using the code FRIEND = $8.95 per dozen plus shipping. I went to the site looking for Z-Stars but the Vapor is too good a ball to pass up at that price. Very similar to Titleist NXT Tours. I ordered three dozen and even with shipping it ended up only costing me $11.43 per dozen.
  8. I laughed when I read this... "He has received warm receptions, though the praise is not universal. One woman in Charlotte, N.C., gave a thumbs-down when Woods walked by on his way to the tee. The low point might have come Saturday, when a young boy with an autograph from Phil Mickelson yelled out to Woods, “Tiger, say so long to No. 1. Kiss it goodbye.” Mickelson, who could have replaced Woods at No. 1 with a victory Sunday, was standing only a few feet away. “He got heckled by a 7-year-old,” Goydos said with wonder. “That's brutal. He's got to get used to that. He's got a lot on his head and the game is hard. And it's hard for everybody. He made it look so easy, so when he's not making it look easy, we wonder what's wrong. He's going through a tough patch. If he has 80 percent of the people completely idolizing him, that's still a big drop." Full Article: New Tiger looks nothing like the old one
  9. http://www.addicted2golf.net/?p=999
  10. Good stuff. I could do without the sight line but love that flow neck!
  11. Starting to play a lot, but struggling to round back into form. Shot an 89 last week at Randall Oaks here in the Northwest Suburbs, which is my regular track. Have had a couple of 9 hole rounds in the low forties, but otherwise this season has been pretty forgettable thus far. One thing I've figured out this past week is my grip pressure has been way too strong causing a lot of problems including turning my draw into a hook and also a loss in distance. I was hitting the ball a half to a full club shorter and couldn't figure out why until I realized that all that tension was wreaking havoc with my swing.
  12. I agree with the others on a tour (big) towel. I'd also go for a putter cover and a hat. I agree about the logistics on clothing (other than hats) - probably better to stay away from that.
  13. I think he could win at Pebble and people forget that he was in contention at Whistling Straights and finished just two shots out of the playoff during the last PGA Championship held there. I think where we would be a long shot is at the British Open. Lefty finished one shot out of a playoff in the British Open at Royal Troon in 2004 but historically he hasn't done well in that tournament. Padraig Harrington or Lee Westwood would be my favorites at St. Andrews this year.
  14. I think that's kind of a silly statement considering he's finished 2nd a record five times. The man is due.
  15. It's largely a theoretical discussion because these guys haven't peaked at the same time. Both have gone on impressive runs. I think Tiger has gone on longer runs and has been more consistent over time because he obviously has more major wins to his credit. So really no contest there - I agree. But, based on a very small sample, these guys seem to be heading in different directions right now. It seems Phil might be hitting another peak - similar to when he flirted with a grand slam of his own. Tiger is floundering a bit but who knows if that will continue. It certainly will be interesting to watch how this plays out over the course of the season.
  16. It's amazing to me that Tiger gets credit for his top 5 finishes and Phil doesn't. Lets compare the two: Tiger's Masters Record since 1995: Wins: 4 Top 5 Finishes: 4 Phil's Masters Record since 1991: Wins: 3 Top 5 Finishes: 6 Pretty close I'd say. Maybe we should have the same "massive expectations" for Phil.
  17. Hate to do this to you boys, but z-man has 39/39 up on the Bay right now: Byron Morgan Anniversary Putter
  18. Is that right? LOL. What did you opt for? I'm guessing black oxide carbon.
  19. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I've been putting a ton of time in short game practice to become comfortable with the new clubs I received from the contest and I have to say that I've never been more confident in my short game than right now. So, I'd say my two favorite clubs in my bag are my 58* CG15 DSG wedge and my Byron DH-89 putter. Other than maybe a deep bunker (never been a great bunker player), I feel like right now I have a good chance to get up and down from pretty much anywhere. I'm not sure I could say that before I got the new clubs. Why is that? Two reasons. First, the laser milled face on the wedges are giving me unprecedented spin and the DSG grind on the 58* allows me to open up the face almost at will without a huge risk of skulling shots over the green. That makes for a pretty lethal combination. Second, the balance and soft feel of the Byron has improved my touch to the point where I'm dying balls into the cup. That may change, but right now my distance control is spot on even on lag putts. I've played 36 holes with the Byron so far and have only three putted once.
  20. I watched it back on DVR the other night. I'm not sure I've ever seen a golfer dominate a golf course like Rory did on that back nine. According to the Golf Channel, Quail Hollow's last three finishing holes are among the most difficult statistically on the PGA Tour. Rory just destroyed them and he made it look effortless. I've learned not to get too excited by so-called "break-out performances" by young players but I like what I've seen from him and Fowler this year.
  21. Sorry, no. That was true at one time, but not anymore. Phil is now longer off the tee and I'd say he has better recovery skills around the green. Tiger has better recovery skills from off the fairway (although as we saw at the Masters and at Quail Hollow this weekend, Phil is no slouch in that area also). Tiger historically is the better putter although this year is the best I've ever seen Phil putt. If he keeps it up, then I'd say Phil is Tiger's equal in that respect also. What used to really separate Phil and Tiger is the mental game, but Tiger is a mess in that area right now and Phil seems to have loads of confidence and he's making right decisions for the most part. I'd like to see Tiger rebound, because I think it would be good for golf but right now I think you'd be more accurate if you said "Phil at his best is miles ahead of everyone, Tiger included."
  22. Matt - Tiger has had a number of knee surgeries. He says it doesn't impact him and he's near 100%, but Tiger has never been forthright when it comes to his own personal business so I'm not sure I believe that.
  23. No, but I like a great hump every now and then (sorry, couldn't resist).
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