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  1. I like how the Fourteen sits square - the Solus almost looks too rounded. But I'd be afraid of what would happen when I tried to open the face on the Fourteen.
  2. I will be posting reviews on the CG15's and the Byron within the next couple of weeks. Too busy playing to write much. Haven't got the Cleveland driver yet. I was late getting the specs to them. MGS did a very good review of it already though. I did post a comprehensive review of the Wilson FYbrid in the review section, which was a club won by some of the winners. We were doing reviews on Wilson stuff anyway so I thought some here might find it interesting. Great stick - very underrated.
  3. Could he have picked a worse time to sell those? Still, a sucker listing. God's irons aren't worth that.
  4. Nic, I didn't catch that until you mentioned it. I went back and looked at the spec sheet and I made a mistake. The 60 gram shaft (R Flex) is used in the fairway lofts. They use a heavier shaft (65 gram in R Flex, 67 gram in S Flex) in the hybrid lofts including the 19.5 degree FY. I corrected it on the blog post. Thanks for the feedback sir!
  5. Good choice. I will be VERY interested to see it when you get it in.
  6. Let's see, I carry the lastest TM Nike driver, FOUR THREE Vokey CG15 wedges, Ping irons (custom-fit) and a Scotty Byron Morgan. He is I'm ecstatic to shoot under 45 for 9. I guess I better invest in lessons.
  7. Let's not kid ourselves. Among amateur golfers, this is a prestige factor at work. How many times have we seen a beautiful set of blades (Mizunos, Scratch, Titleist, etc.) in a bag of a player that had no business gaming them. Or a tour driver? We've all been guilty of the desire to pimp our bags and gaming the same equipment that the pros play is part of that. The more knowledgeable consumers (like the folks that frequent this board) gravitate towards exotic brands because it sets their bags apart. Did I like that someone came up to me yesterday on the practice green to ask about my Byron Morgan putter? Hell yes. Solus has that same cache among those in the know. But probably 95% of the general golfing public lacks that awareness.
  8. Well, my paintfill skills are well documented. I think a maroon and gold combination might be the ticket.
  9. Original Blog Post (with pics): http://www.addicted2golf.net/?p=968 I've had a distance gap between my 15 degree 3 Wood and 24 degree 4 hybrid for quite some time. I tolerated it mostly because I wasn't looking forward to going through the tedious process of finding a reliable club to fill it. A recent search on eBay for a matching 5-wood yielded nothing and I find stronger lofted hybrids harder to hit. So, when Wilson Golf gave A2G an opportunity to review some of their 2010 line, one of the clubs I was most excited about was the FYBrid FY Club. According to Wilson, the FY offers maximum versatility, serving as a second fairway wood, strong hybrid or longest iron replacement. At 41" in length and 19.5 degree of loft, it seemed the perfect solution to my yardage gap problem. But, would this new Wilson perform well enough to earn a spot in my bag? Pros First, the aesthetics. Is the FYbrid closer to a fairway wood or a hybrid? The club head size is smaller than my fairway wood but significantly larger than my hybrid with a one inch longer shaft length so it falls squarely in between the two. I like how this club sets up behind the ball. The larger head is a confidence builder and the face sits very square. I had no issues lining the FY up on my target making it an extremely accurate approach club. The neutral gray finish, small simple alignment aid and traditional shape makes for a very conservative look at address. I wish more manufacturers would follow Wilson's lead here. The HS stands for "Heavy Sole" and it moves the center of gravity 7% lower and 11% deeper in the head resulting in higher launch and stronger ball flight. This was immediately evident the first time I hit the FYbrid - the ball rockets off the face and gets up in a hurry. The 60 gram, UST/Mamiya AXIVCore shaft is described as a mid to high launch shaft and it performs as advertised. If you have trouble with hitting off the deck with your fairway wood or hybrid now then you MUST try this club. The heavy sole also provides a couple of other benefits. This is a very SOLID feeling and sounding club. If your grip pressure is light enough to feel the club head going back (as it should be) then you will not lose the weighty FYbrid in your back swing. It almost swings itself. The lower center of gravity also helps in heavy rough. On long par 4's or par 5's, the FYbrid quickly became my "go-to" club when I missed the fairway and had to hit out of the second cut. Cons My miss with the Fybrid was a high ballooning fade, but I couldn't tell the result until I observed the ball flight. There is very little feedback on misses. Balls hit all over the club face feel almost exactly the same, which isn't always a good thing. It is easy to move the ball left or right but the mid-to-high ball flight is pre-programmed. All but the most skilled players will find it difficult to control trajectory on full shots with the FYbrid. Last (and most certainly least), I'm not a big fan of the zippered head cover. Yes, the design makes it less likely to slip off the club, but it's also a pain to get on and off. I would probably replace it at some point. Final Word It might have escaped your attention but Wilson has been putting out some great product lately. The FYbrid HS Fairway utility is certainly no exception. I highly recommend you include Wilson on your demo list if you're looking for a fairway wood or hybrid. I will be placing the FY Club in my personal bag and that is the highest praise I can give it. The FYbrid line retails for $149.99 and comes in 3+ through 5h lofts with left handed versions available in all but the 3+. For more information, visit Wilson's website.
  10. Here is the Divot Tool. It has a very heavy/substantial feel to it and extremely unique in it's design. It says "Surfs Up" on the reverse side.
  11. I got the divot tool. I will post a pic. The towel was on back order. They asked me if I wanted a shirt or sweatshirt instead, but I'm holding out for the towel.
  12. Yep. I never thought anything would be beat the feel of my Scotty Studio Style Newport, but this Byron blows it out of the water.
  13. You can write? I didn't even know you could read.
  14. You slut. A new set of irons comes along and you jump right on them. BTW, the shorter distance probably isn't due to delofting. I haven't looked it up but I'd almost be willing to bet that those Mizzy's aren't as strong lofted as your Burners...
  15. Very Nice Sir! I know what mean about opening boxes of new stuff. We get a steady stream of new goodies to try during the course of the year (one of the benefits of being a golf blogger) and I'm giddy like a kid during Christmas every time one comes in.
  16. I know you guys are probably sick of us posting spoils from the contest, but I thought I would share some pics of the putter that Byron sent my way last week. It is the Dale Head 89 model with a Stainless Double Torched finish... A Four Leaf Clover stamp (for good luck) Cool Byron Morgan 20th Anniversary Headcover A Gripmaster Sea Snake Grip to round out the package...
  17. It depends on how high you like to tee the ball up with a deep faced driver. If you typically tee the ball a little lower then you'd be OK. If you tee the ball in the prescribed fashion with half the ball above the face like most people do then it still works but you have to barely place the tee in the ground to get it high enough. And on a couple of poorly mowed tee boxes at my local muni, that proved to be at times a frustrating experience.
  18. That's true but they haven't turned them into a bunch of Dick's yet (if you know what I mean).
  19. I got the Byron Morgan 25th Anniversary Double Torched Putter and divot tool. Just freaking awesome. Took it out to the practice green Monday night and was making putts from everywhere. Definitely putting it into play although its almost too pretty to game - took all but an afternoon to knock my Scotty and Abaco Rife to the back-up bag. Really not even close. I will be posting pics to the forum between now and the weekend.
  20. Tempo is everything. And don't forget the nod to the gods.

  21. I noticed your father-in-law's initials are the same as mine. So, if he ever gets sick of those wedges...
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