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  1. She married Andres Conesa, a top executive at Aeromexico, late last year. I think she wants to quit to start a family. He already had three kids coming into the marriage so she's probably already busy with the step children.
  2. Sactown should hit that about the time we're teeing it up in Vegas. Too bad his name isn't Carl...
  3. If we're talking purely looks then like I Prototype 5. If we're talking liking the looks of something I could realistically hit then Prototype 6.
  4. And then you woke up. Actually, Byron got in touch and kicked it in gear. Kudos to Steve for giving me a little extra attention. As I told him yesterday, I've never ordered a putter in my life. I've owned a mix of Scottys, Pings, and a Rife and they have all been bought off the shelf so this is a new experience. Pretty cool stuff.
  5. You're dissing Phil and rooting for the Euros? Wow.
  6. I just joined the 2000 club and got the same Agent Name as Matt. Damn, I thought we get our own agent names.
  7. I was sorry to hear that Couples dropped back to the field after waking up with a bad back. That's a shame because he probably could have contended if he was 100% healthy. But, that has been Freddy's problem all along... Mickelson came within a long putt on 18 of being paired with Tiger today. How huge would that have been?
  8. I just crossed the 2K barrier with this post.
  9. The shoes look really great. I wonder why they call this the Chicago polo: Chicago Polo I think it needs a Cubs or Bears logo on it...
  10. If you're on Twitter, what is your id? Mine is @Addicted2Golf
  11. If I win, this will be a MGS Forum member trip.
  12. I'm in, thanks. I've entered so many contests this month. If I don't win something then I'm going to be pissed. LOL.
  13. Those are kick ass. I've never seen anything like it.
  14. Somebody would get their ass kicked if they gamed this at my Muni...
  15. Why does it have to be one or the other? I find this stuff amusing. Tiger and Jessie James have set a bar now. Pretty soon, any guy having a single affair will be looked upon as being an underachiever.
  16. Based on some of your previous posts Nic, I thought you changed sexual orientation at will - like one of those frogs...
  17. I can just hear the wife now... you won two putters AND still want to spend money to buy a THIRD. Matt - me and my new Sunset Beach might need a place to stay Sunday night....
  18. No, but if I win, then I might throw you some of my sloppy seconds...
  19. You don't have to thank me. That's that friends are for bro.
  20. I think he looks like an unmade bed. This is the Masters for god sake. IMO, the equivalent to Wimbledon in Tennis when it comes to this kind of stuff. Dress classy at Augusta and save your fashion statements for the US Open or PGA.
  21. Matt - I've posted an article on A2G. Here is the link: Saternus Woodworking Charity Raffle Hopefully it helps get the word out.
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