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  1. Still have not heard from Cleveland and Byron didn't email today either. Nuts.
  2. Tiger is gaming his Scotty with a Nike headcover on it. He has put the VR Tour Driver in the bag though.
  3. Hey there - good to see you on here my friend. Welcome!
  4. Club Glove is the standard if you can afford it. The Ogio bags are nice and a lower cost alternative. Golfgurl - welcome to the forum! I will be sure to check out your site.
  5. He's hitting the neighborhood now? Somebody the wife might see at the next block party? Ohhhh... that's not good.
  6. None of us have heard from Cleveland and they were a big part of this. I'm assuming that we will be able to specify lofts, shaft flex, shaft length, etc. before they ship us anything. I have heard from Byron and we're trading emails. No issues there.
  7. Aside from the Tiger aspect of this, I found the statement (in bold) by Master's Chairman Billy Payne to be very "interesting". --------------------------------------------------- Masters welcome isn't warm for Tiger Woods Augusta National Chairman Billy Payne makes it clear his tournament doesn't need Tiger Woods Bill Plaschke AUGUSTA, Ga. — Finally, stunningly, the Masters bit back. After three weeks of being tossed about in the relentless grip of Tiger Woods' sex scandal comeback, the staid golf tournament has found its legs and bared its teeth. In a monologue at the beginning of his annual news conference Wednesday, Augusta National Chairman Billy Payne basically ripped the stripes off Tiger. There's no green jacket you can drape on it. There's no azalea you can plant over it. It was, as they say here, a torching unlike any other. Just when it appeared Woods was bigger than the Masters, the Masters told him to stuff a red polo shirt in it. In the middle of what appeared to be a fawning welcome back from his five-week exile, the Masters dragged him into a corner and pounded him with a full amen. "We are not unaware of the significance of this week to a very special player, Tiger Woods,'' Payne said, setting the stage. ‘'As he ascended in our rankings of the world's great golfers, he became an example to our kids that success is directly attributable to hard work and effort.'' Then, with the same southern voice and syrup expression, the boss leveled him. ‘'But, as he now says himself, he forgot in the process to remember that with fame and fortune comes responsibility, not invisibility,'' Payne said. ‘'It is not simply the degree of his conduct that is so egregious here; it is the fact that he disappointed all of us, and more importantly, our kids and our grandkids. ‘'Is there a way forward? I hope, yes. I think, yes. But certainly his future will never again be measured only by his performance against par but … by the sincerity of his efforts to change. I hope he now realizes that every kid he passes on the course wants his swing but would settle for his smile.'' You wondered whether Augusta National was pleased that Woods chose its protective environment for his escape from the allegations of nearly two dozen alleged mistresses and the suspicions surrounding an HGH doctor? This is your answer. Payne not only implied that the Masters didn't want Woods' comeback to occur here, but also essentially reminded everyone that, unlike other tournaments, its revenue is not dependent on Woods playing here. "We have no economic connection whatsoever to how many people watch TV, don't watch TV, how many people come, don't come … there's no financial connection whatsoever,'' Payne said. This is why, what the other players couldn't say on Tuesday, Payne could deliver with authority on Wednesday. The other players need Woods. The Masters doesn't. Link
  8. Thanks Mark for that insight. Very interesting stuff. After reading that I have just one question: How much for just the lanyard?
  9. Wow. When I read the title of this thread I thought it was going to be some kind of joke. I hope that's not the case. I don't think there is a golf store I dislike more than Dick's. The lack of golf knowledge among the "staff" there knows no bounds.
  10. I think that was his actual voice Dave. Unfortunately, the man isn't with us anymore so reading from a script isn't an option... With that said, that was a pretty bizarre spot.
  11. Thanks again John. Opted for the VR Str8-Fit here also.
  12. Thanks John. My bag may be too cool for me but I entered anyway.
  13. Thanks for the breakdown. Interesting to know what things cost and none of it is that much of a surprise (at least to me).
  14. Passing this long to my fellow MGS Forum Members. They will probably sell out in minutes so you will need to jump on this fast: Deal Alert
  15. So I should play a softer shaft in my wedges and 1-2 degrees flat with the lie? So, if I'm gaming ZZ-65 shafts and 1 degree upright, then I should opt for regular flex shafts and a normal or 1 degree flat lie with my wedges? I didn't know that. Who else does that?
  16. Good lord people... I wasn't attempting to brain wash anybody. I just thought it was interesting to read about their perspective considering they are African American AND women.
  17. Not sure but here is the link to their website: Shaft Skinz
  18. Matt - if you'd like I can put something up on A2G, Twitter, and our fan page on Facebook. Not sure how much buzz my little site and PR effort will generate, but I'm more than happy to do it for charity. PM me if you're interested.
  19. As mentioned in another thread, I have a hideous Nike UST canary yellow shaft that I need to hide. I like the shaft, just not the color. Has anyone tried Shaft Skinz? I'm thinking that is a potential solution.
  20. I was waiting for that. I'm trying to figure out a way to hide the yellow in the hideous shaft that came with my Nike driver. The last thing I want to do is get yellow shoes. Not to go off on a tangent, but has anyone tried Shaft Skinz? I'm going to start a thread on that....
  21. Nic will love that. Duck colors - ugh.
  22. A very interesting article on how a small college team of African American women view Tiger Woods: Link
  23. Scratch is back on CaddiesBag.com. This time the JLM with the SFU "diggers" grind.
  24. I've posted new content since the contest. Why haven't you?
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