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  1. The diver that is paid to fetch balls from the bottom of the water hazards.
  2. Is that a freakin' pink unicorn? No, just no...
  3. I got 18 in today. I'm such a heathen. Happy Easter to All!
  4. Tiger's Agent (November 2009 - Current)
  5. Shambles - I believe Cleveland uses 8620 Carbon Steel in their CG15 wedges.
  6. Yeah, the one in the pic is off compared to the one on the Hiro-Matsumoto website. You really in for $155? Wow, that's tough. Sorry to hear that man.
  7. I forgot to post my players. I was suffering from post contest hangover and didn't remember I had to submit until Thursday night. Yes, sock it to me. I deserve it in SPADES!!
  8. I took the Cleveland Launcher DST out today on the course and ended up switching back to my Nike Dymo by the turn. I had the same issue Nic had. I couldn't get it airborne. In hindsight, I should have gotten on a simulator before providing my specs to Cleveland. I had no idea the head was so low spin. I guess it makes sense because you could pick up 10-15 yards on roll alone, but had I known that I would have gone with a different setup. I ordered a 9 degree with the stock Diamana staff in stiff. I will need to demo a couple of different combos but I'm guessing I need the 10.5 or 10.5 draw and I might even need to re-think the shaft too.
  9. I had that Bi-Matrix shaft in my Ping TISI driver and loved it. Tried it in some other clubs since and meh. Something about that shaft married with that TISI head was special.
  10. Actually, the wedges I'm getting are not forged. They are cast. I'm most of you guys have figured it out, but I'm trying to decide how out to configure the set of CG15's I'm getting from the contest. If they give me the option, I will go black pearl on the 50* and 54*. I'm thinking of getting the 58* with the DSG and if so I think that version is only available in the oil quench.
  11. Yeah, ok, pretty dumb question. Sorry - haven't had my coffee yet.
  12. My Dad moved to Texas and found a home in a community where he has to drive over a main street to get to the clubhouse. So he traded in his old cart that he used in Michigan for a Club Car Villager four-seat street legal model. I think he only paid a few thousand after his trade-in and a tax credit. And I thought that was a lot. Sheesh! Here is the cart he bought: Link I'm going down there later this month with some buddies to play some of the Dallas/Arlington area courses with him. I can't wait to drive it.
  13. Thanks Nic. That helps a bunch. Quick question - do you normally play from tight lies in the fairway or a little more lush?
  14. For wedges, there are three finishes I'm considering for a new set - satin chrome, black pearl, and oil quenched. I've always played Ping wedges where those finish options aren't available so I'm struggling with the decision on which finish to go with. I know its largely personal preference but I thought I would put the question out there anyway. What finish do you prefer and why? What are the pros and cons? Thanks!
  15. Has anyone played a Cleveland DSG Wedge? I like to ability to open the face when I need to but I've also read that its only recommended for "better players" since its low bounce. The DSG's effective bounce is 6 degrees. I'm thinking about gaming a CG15 DSG 58 degree and I'm a 14 handicap. Do you think I should opt for the DSG version or just go with the low bounce regular version, which is 8 degrees? I plan on hitting it this weekend, but I'd like to hear some opinions from the forum also.
  16. A huge thanks to MGS, the Sponsors, and my fellow MGS Forum members. I've never had so much fun participating in a contest in my entire life. Yes, it was a lot of long hours, sleepless nights, and 5-hour Energy shots (the secret of my success). But it was worth it. The prizes are great but the relationships I've forged on this board in such a short amount of time is what I value most. Looking forward to a lot more hours in the forum... just fewer 5-Hour Energy Shots (then maybe the hands will stop twitching uncontrollably).
  17. Got my disk in the mail today. Thanks again guys!
  18. Yeah, I'm on the verge of doing that. I'm probably one season away hopefully from getting down to a 10 and then I will switch to more of a players set. I've heard switching to blades will either make you much more precise in your ball striking or make you want to quit and take up bowling (or something).
  19. Yeah, I saw that on John's Facebook page. What's that old saying? Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...
  20. Question: Byron, the other members keep complaining about Sactown. He drinks all the booze, gets obnoxious and then starts bragging about all the putters he owns. What can you do about this guy? Byron: Easy - give him the location of the Scotty Cameron mixer instead and then hold ours somewhere else.
  21. I played them again yesterday evening for a quick nine in about 20-30 mph winds. For me, they still had a low, penetrating ball flight and LONG. I never thought I'd consider paying $40 per box for balls but with these I'm considering it. And the color is growing on me. I put one of my drives in the opposite fairway and it was nice being able to tell right away which ball was mine from the group coming up.
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