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  1. My brother lost a banana is his bag for a spell last summer. Found it the bad squishy was about a month later...

    I put all snacks in a ziplock after that.


    I accidentally left a squishy banana in the back of a neighbors car after coming back from a golf road trip down to South Carolina. He didn't find it until a couple of weeks later. He still isn't talking to me...

  2. I have started packing sunflower seeds...partly because I love them and I played baseball all my life and sunflower seeds are a must on the ball field. As for them keeping you relaxed, it made me think of the Under Armour ads I have been seeing for their mouthpiece they are selling that involves Hunter Mahan in the ad.


    A Mouthpiece for Golf. I actually laughed out loud when I saw that ad. My wife thought I was deranged.

  3. I'm 41 years old and I'm a software development manager for a major telecommunications manufacturer based in the suburbs of Chicago.


    I played competitive amateur golf in High School but didn't play in college. Took a long hiatus from the game and didn't pick up a stick until about 8 years ago and really only serious for the last three years. I also started my own golf website last year and that along with playing and spending quality time with the family burns up most of my non-work hours.


    Before relocating to the Chicago area, I lived in Arizona for 17 years and graduated from Arizona State for my undergrad.

  4. I think that his limited numbering system may boost the per unit price up though. Perceived scarcity would drive the impulse purchase. OTW it may be gone! Look at the 1st of 500 putters. Not individually numbered 1 to 500, but just batch labeled. The initial prices for the 1/500 California putters was above double retail for the normal version. Maybe there will be normal case and a case with circle T door pulls.



    Excellent point. I can't believe that I missed this key feature/benefit of the case. "Buy Honey, I HAVE to buy this putter. The case is not full yet."


    Its never worked for me, but that is what I get for marrying a woman with a high IQ. :lol:

  5. Honestly... Those arc's play like a cavity... definately more forgiving than my 57's, just maybe a little harder to catch them clean.


    Yeah, I've heard REALLY good things about the ARC irons and wedges. It makes me want to go out and grab a set cheap off the Bay just to see if the hype is justified.

  6. That lock seems right for the buddies/kids issue.


    Yeah, I'm having visions of my sons using my Studio Style Newport to beat the cats. A lock is a good idea.


    You guys have talked about the cost of the case itself but you've left out the biggest expense - the amount of jack you'd have to eventually spend in order to fill the case. Of course, that would be the fun part. ;)

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