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  1. Actually Bones, I might have been that guy. That kind of stuff impacts pace of play 99% of the time. I'm assuming the wind or course design helped you there because the longest driver on the PGA tour right now is Robert Garrigus averaging 315.9 yards. Regardless, it's pretty reasonable for the group behind you to question that because they'd be on the money most of the time. So, you can be pissed if you want but I'd cut them a break.
  2. This one hit a little too close to home... LOL. Things that Bug Me (but not 10 because I'm lazy): #1 Courses that let you book tee times without informing you ahead of time that they are aerating their greens #2 Senior citizens that take 15 minutes to check you in for a tee time. Lady, can you type any faster?!# #3 Crowned tee boxes pointing the wrong direction #4 Hard greens that won't hold a golf ball (a real problem here in the Midwest this time of year) #5 Golfers that are better and younger than me (e.g. MSaternus)
  3. OK, let me amend my comment... any Nike shovels prior to 2008.
  4. Good post. I tried a set of R7 XD's when I fell off the Ping wagon about five years ago. The aggressive lofts in the short irons completely screwed with my short game. Even with a gap wedge, the gaps between clubs were pretty ridiculous. The long iron issue wasn't as big of a deal for me because I replaced them with easier to hit hybrids anyways. But, I completely agree with you 100%.
  5. I will be doing a review on these within the next week. I will send you the link when it's up on A2G.
  6. Same here. VAS irons are the ugliest EVER. If I had to pick second place, anything Nike prior to 2008.
  7. Nice sticks Mike! I too banished the Niblick after some work with the wedges. Much more confident around the greens this year. Alot of Nike in the bag, eh? Aside from a short experiment with the Dymo driver, I've never had their stuff in the bag. Love the balls though - the Vapor has been my ball of choice most the season.
  8. Looks great. What does the wording around the Eagle seal say? Also, are you considering other colors than black/white?
  9. Amen brother, membership should have its privileges. Besides, what a better way to entice the other spies to raise their game to our level?
  10. Just posted in the Golf Travel Section. Need some Cali Golf Recommendations from my fellow Spies.

  11. A buddy of mine wants to take a drive up the Pacific Coast Highway from San Diego to San Francisco and play golf along the way. I've not spent a lot of time driving the coast and I've not golfed in Cali either. So, I'm calling out to all my fellow Golf Spies... need some help my brothers!! We have four days so I need to book four rounds. Looking to mix in a couple of high end and mid range courses. Not sure if Pebble and the like is possible (tee times wise) given this is a last minute thing and we're going at the end of this month. If you have hotel and restaurant suggestions, then mix those in also. Thanks!!
  12. LOL. It is about the best damn ball retriever I've ever seen incorporated into a putter design. But, the goal is to get more balls in the hole... not retrieve the one's I've missed.
  13. Damn, that's harsh. Of course, I take that with a grain of salt coming from a guy that has resorted to slaughtering his wife's purses to fuel his cool equipment obsession...
  14. I know. I wouldn't want to be seen with me either. I feel a little dirty even just taking the cover off it...
  15. In a short couple of months, my putting has gone to hell. My theory is I've been fighting a straight back and through stroke with a variety of heel/toe weighted putters all along. So, I'm going to go face balanced for a while and let the putts fall where they may. My weapon of choice for this experiment? None other than the Odyssey White Ice Sabertooth. If you're going to go u-g-l-y, then I say slump bust right and go ALL the way!! All kidding aside, I wanted to give this beast a true test since it came out a couple of years ago, but I didn't like the White Hot line. I tend to play softer lower compression balls and they feel like marshmallows coming off that face. The White Ice insert, new for 2010, is much firmer so... problem solved. Add a darker, more tasteful color scheme and it's, here kitty kitty.
  16. Going to Cali later this month. Might have to see if I can tee it up with my boy Sactown (my Sundevil brother from another mother)

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    2. cheymike


      Hey A2.. If you pass through Cheyenne on your way west and have a few hours, shout at me and I'll take ya for a round of golf here at 6000'.

    3. Addicted2Golf


      I would freaking love that Mike, but unfortunately I'll be flying over you at about 35,000 feet. But I will promise you this. If I EVER make it to Wyoming, we will definitely tee it up my brother!

    4. GolfSpy Dave

      GolfSpy Dave

      Just got back from Tahoe...

      When and where are you going to be?

  17. Just did a preview of Vision Golf products on A2G including some pics for those who are interested. Some really good looking kit. Nicely done Boz! http://www.addicted2golf.net/?p=1211 I'm not ready to post any feedback on the balls, but I can tell you that I love the Vision Sticky glove. More on that in a review that we will post later in the week.
  18. Jesus. I can't believe Ping finally did it. The Ping faithful have been begging them to resurrect the Eye2 for years. Mark my word - Ping will make a mint on these.
  19. It cracks me up that anyone is even mildly upset that these orders didn't go through. I don't fault any of you guys for trying but you had to know this deal had a high probability of going from SNAFU to FUBAR pretty damn quick.
  20. Thanks OlStick. And Welcome to the Forum.
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