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  1. It looks like their "inverted cone" cavity from the r7 line coupled with that "extended X" (or "Y tuning port, or stabilizer bar... can't remember anymore) that Mizuno put out a few years back. I think it was the MX-1000's, but only about 55% sure on that one.


    The problem I have is, what's a lefty to do? If they go with a 43* PW, they don't a;ways make a 47* "GW" (or as I like to call it, a PW...) in the lefty version. So what do we do then?


    I reread Tom Wishon's "The Right Sticks" (a great book, by the way) where he talks about the "vanishing loft disease". TM is following the model to a T. But what I had forgetten was, as the lofts of the irons get stronger and the lengths get longer, the long irons get harder to hit. Yesteryear's 3 iron is more closely related to a 5 iron now. Sow they're screwing us twofold:


    1. The long irons, for the average golfer, are harder to hit. They have since been replaced with the (more expensive) hybrid. Now, that isn't a criticism of the hybrid, but if they'd have left the lofts alone, people wouldn't need the extra 1, 2, or 3 hybrids.


    2. Since the spacing between the PW and its more stabile (in terms of loft) relative the SW has grown, it has forced us into buying the "GW". Again, if they'd have left well enough alone, it wouldn't be that way.


    I'm basically praphrasing, but you get the idea. If anyone hasn't read this book... you should. That and Frank Thomas' (former Technical Director for the USGA, wrote articles for Golf Digest, invented the graphite shaft and has his own putter design) "Just Hit It" are fascinating reads. But I should warn you, and I'm not trying to be snarky, but they will challenge some of (most) everyone's beliefs about equipment. I know it did mine.


    Good post. I tried a set of R7 XD's when I fell off the Ping wagon about five years ago. The aggressive lofts in the short irons completely screwed with my short game. Even with a gap wedge, the gaps between clubs were pretty ridiculous.


    The long iron issue wasn't as big of a deal for me because I replaced them with easier to hit hybrids anyways. But, I completely agree with you 100%.

  2. This was just the first sample made...still none in my hands yet. Waiting to get the sample to give approval and then we should have them soon after. Hope you guys like our "1ST EDITION MGS UNDERCOVER COVER".


    Looks great. What does the wording around the Eagle seal say? Also, are you considering other colors than black/white?

  3. A buddy of mine wants to take a drive up the Pacific Coast Highway from San Diego to San Francisco and play golf along the way. I've not spent a lot of time driving the coast and I've not golfed in Cali either. So, I'm calling out to all my fellow Golf Spies... need some help my brothers!!


    We have four days so I need to book four rounds. Looking to mix in a couple of high end and mid range courses. Not sure if Pebble and the like is possible (tee times wise) given this is a last minute thing and we're going at the end of this month.


    If you have hotel and restaurant suggestions, then mix those in also. Thanks!!

  4. Be honest, now...


    You know you just got it because you're too lazy to BEND DOWN and pick up your ball.


    LOL. It is about the best damn ball retriever I've ever seen incorporated into a putter design. But, the goal is to get more balls in the hole... not retrieve the one's I've missed.

  5. At least you have the good sense to not change your signature. Minimally you can look, online, like someone who cares about playing cool equipment.


    Damn, that's harsh. Of course, I take that with a grain of salt coming from a guy that has resorted to slaughtering his wife's purses to fuel his cool equipment obsession... :)

  6. In a short couple of months, my putting has gone to hell. My theory is I've been fighting a straight back and through stroke with a variety of heel/toe weighted putters all along. So, I'm going to go face balanced for a while and let the putts fall where they may. B)


    My weapon of choice for this experiment? None other than the Odyssey White Ice Sabertooth. If you're going to go u-g-l-y, then I say slump bust right and go ALL the way!!




    All kidding aside, I wanted to give this beast a true test since it came out a couple of years ago, but I didn't like the White Hot line. I tend to play softer lower compression balls and they feel like marshmallows coming off that face.


    The White Ice insert, new for 2010, is much firmer so... problem solved. Add a darker, more tasteful color scheme and it's, here kitty kitty.

  7. Thanks guys!


    Mike - I hope you're able to find one to give it a run. A few years ago, I demo'd a bunch of different hybrids before settling on the Baffler. With the Rail H, Cobra has made significant improvements but kept the design close enough to the original to keep current Baffler owners happy. That is not an easy thing to do but they were able to somehow pull it off.

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