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  1. MSaternus... was that you in the background cratering those irons? Double farts!!
  2. I'm getting two of the range polos. 70% off - nice deal!
  3. Great post. I agree with the pre-round routine. I'm one of those "get to the course early" guys. I also need to loosen my back up, but mostly I do it to get in a zone. I can't flip a switch like some guys. It takes me a little while to quit thinking about everything else and focus on my game. The other thing I do to calm first tee jitters is to fall back on my key swing thoughts and concentrate on executing them. I really do that anytime I'm in a pressure situation and the first tee shot usually falls into that category.
  4. Congrats Ari and to Cristie for adding another major to her resume. She is certainly playing great golf right now and I'm sure her Scratch equipment is a contributing factor.
  5. Yes, I am. I know what you're thinking - yes, my irons and wedges are different. But, I don't have a completely mixed bag (e.g. mixed irons and wedges from different companies). So, I guess there are degrees with that... And my bag is pretty.
  6. I dunno but this gets my vote for the most painful, wince inducing thread title of the year.
  7. Sounds like a nice guy. I'm happy for him and the people of Ireland. My wife is of Irish descent so I always root for the Irishmen on tour.
  8. Despite my general disdain for Taylormade as a brand, I tried the TaylorMade Rossa Monza Ghost Putter the other day on the putting green in Golfsmith. I really liked how it framed the ball at address and lined up. The feel was more muted than I'm used to but I made a lot of putts with it. Of course, I always do there so I'm convinced the entire putting green at Golfsmith is somehow designed to funnel balls into the hole. I know its one of the products on the MGS review list so maybe I'll be lucky enough to give it an extended tryout via the lottery. But, in the mean time, does anyone have it in their bag now? Care to share?
  9. I shot a personal best nine hole score of 39 on my Dad's Texas country club course on Father's Day. We were playing a skins game and I took money off everybody. That was a good day.
  10. I found a Nike ball one time that had the word "Ginormous" on it. I thought that was quite funny.
  11. I just got a Clicgear. Took advantage of a sale on the 2.0 version. Posted some pics in this thread if you've never seen one: Going to a push cart
  12. The i15 is a lower spin head designed for the better player which is why they only offer it in those lofts.
  13. Moving from the DST already? Damn, you're worse than I am. I'm actually getting terrific results from mine. I hit 14/18 fairways on my Dad's course when we played on Father's day. I'm liking the distance also.
  14. Terry is obviously a bit biased, but the article is still spot on. You can get away with having gaps if you have the shot making skills to vary trajectories and spin, but why complicate things? I've always carried four wedges - a pitching wedge, gap, sand, and lob. I make sure the wedge lofts fit with whatever iron set I'm gaming. Since the pitching wedge lofts have gotten so aggressive, I find myself using the gap wedge more than any other club in my bag other than my putter. So, I take great care in making sure that I'm comfortable with that club and have confidence in it. Otherwise, my game really suffers.
  15. Speaking of Scratch, am I the only one who finds it odd that they don't offer a gap wedge loft in anything other than their custom line?
  16. I find consistency across the set to be an asset in terms of performance (at least when it comes to irons and wedges). It also makes for a better looking bag.
  17. I guess I missed this post when I first read the thread, but it doesn't change my view. Quite honestly, what you send out for review and the stock that is destined for stores should be mutually exclusive. I'm not sure what "we have not found an offering to send out for free" means. You incorporated feedback into your site some time ago so I'm certain you're aware that consumers that venture into your stores read online reviews through organic and paid search as well as visiting discussion boards like this one. Your site has only three product reviews on the VIP irons and none since May. None whatsoever on the M85i. I think you should invest in some equipment to send out for review.
  18. Well, I wanted to do a review of their new line but all they said they would send us was a press kit with a wedge and then they didn't even follow through on that despite a follow-up on our part. Nothing came in the mail. I guess they are lacking in the PR area or they are afraid of what the reviews will say. Either way, it doesn't bode well for the brand.
  19. I found two negatives when I went to an oversized putter grip for a period of time last season: 1) Most of the grips (other than maybe the Lamkin 2TEN) change the balance of the putter because the grips weigh so much, and 2) For me, it took away some of my feel. The loss of feel should tell me something. I'm definitely too hands oriented in my stroke. But, it will have to be something that I will work on. I'd rather burn the edges a few times than run stuff four feet past.
  20. Gaming the Nike One Vapor right now. I also like the Srixon Z-Star although they are very different balls. Just depends on my budget.
  21. Back from a two week vacation. What the heck is going on around here?!#

    1. GolfSpy_X


      was wondering if you got lost.

    2. Addicted2Golf


      Nope, still representing.

  22. I play the CG15's and they are the best wedges I've ever hit. Reasonably forgiving off almost any kind of lie (if you're smart about the loft and bounce you play in different situations) and I can even get some chips to check up. Highly recommended. In terms of the set, I like a 50, 54, 58 combo. The 50 is a nice gap closer in most modern sets and the 54/58 sand and lob wedges are versatile around the green. I have no trouble getting the 54 up out of the sand and the 58 is a bit more forgiving than a 60.
  23. I'm going to see if they will ship a sample stateside for review. Stay tuned...
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