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  1. I will do that. Does he specify which finishes are more maintenance free than others?
  2. I'd be interested in putting it up against against my Nike Str8-Fit and see where the chips fall.
  3. I'd go Cleveland Classic on the putter but I agree - almost everything they have out there now is pretty solid. And that deal they offered on iron set replacement last year was amazing. I bet guys that are upgrading to the current 2010 line-up are loving life right now.
  4. It would have been nice to receive some follow-up communication when your three-hour maintenance window extended well beyond what you initially communicated. I tried pinging you guys on Facebook and Twitter and never got any response. I work in IT so I understand that server upgrades can sometimes go sideways. But if I did that to my customers on a platform that any of my teams support then I'd eventually be out of a job. Just saying...
  5. Belt buckles - seriously? I guess if you live long enough... I'm a fan if the products being endorsed are contextual (e.g. golf equipment, golf clothing, golf accessories, etc.). I could care less what appliance a golfer games in his kitchen or what car he (allegedly) drives.
  6. Ryan Moore has gotten more press about being Ryan Moore than any other player out there. Brilliant PR move if you ask me.
  7. I'm not a huge Trevino guy but I think having him in the field is great for the fans. He should be able to play as long as he can get around the golf course.
  8. The Masters will definitely not be impacted by Tiger's lack of involvement. I LOVE watching the Masters and look forward to it every year. There is something about that place that is magical and it transcends any one player.
  9. My first reaction was that a person has sole responsibility for that they put in their body. I'm a fan but John has a tendency to blame everyone else for his troubles rather than looking in the mirror. He won't ever be free of his demons unless he recognizes the role he plays in all this.
  10. Yeah, and that point you might as well look at something else unless you just REALLY like the head. Re-shafting is an expensive proposition unless you have a really good idea of what works for you and the club you're installing it in.
  11. My wife gives me huge amounts of grief for being so deliberate when it comes to researching even medium sized purchases. I spent a couple of hours researching the last coffee maker we bought. Android has some of the same apps as the iPhone when it comes to scanning bar codes, product look-ups, etc. I use my Motorola Droid for that all the time.
  12. Wow. We were talking about that in one of the other threads. I'm pretty obsessive about club maintenance but I'm also time challenged. That would be a deal breaker for me!
  13. Great looking putter. So I'm assuming that will eventually develop a nice patina so glare isn't an issue?
  14. Yeah, good point. I'm really not up on my putter finishes. Which of these would fall into that category? Anybody know?
  15. Yeah, never seen anything like it. I wonder what the process is?
  16. I like the two sight lines. Is that finish maintenance free or do you have to oil it?
  17. That's interesting stuff. Thanks for sharing.
  18. I agree with Sactown on this and pardon me if I go on a rant here... I've never understand why an amateur golfer would spend $400 on a driver that gets used at most 14-15 times per round and neglects the one piece of equipment that accounts for the majority of their strokes during a round. Now, with that said, it always necessary to spend $300 to get a putter that works well for you. For instance, I never thought anything would push my Scotty Studio Style Newport out of the bag, but I recently tried a Rife Abaco and fell in love with it. I paid half as much for the Rife. Bottom line - you should be willing to pay what's necessary to fit that part of your game because its the most important stick in your bag!
  19. Yeah, thanks...you suck. LOL.
  20. Exactly Sactown. That's the route I would go rather than having my Scotty re-finished there. Tom has some really cool looking stuff under his own label.
  21. I must have missed that infomercial...
  22. Morris, that Gene Nead is awesome. Congrats on that! And you're right about having that peace of mind. The rest of us torture ourselves wanting stuff we can't have.
  23. We are in the putter forum...LOL.
  24. That is correct. There are hundreds of clubs that don't make the magazine because they didn't meet GD's criteria.
  25. I've done it a few times, but before I purchase I always look the item up on Google to see if people think its a rip-off.
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