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  1. Yes, MGS Membership has its privileges boys and girls. My bag this season is chock full of the prizes so graciously bestowed upon yours truly and others for kicking this board off in style.




    My short game has never been better thanks in part to my new Byron Morgan DH-89...




    And a new set of CG-15 wedges. The 58 degree lob is the Oil Quenched Dynamic Sole Grind model.




    I'm loving the distance I'm getting from the Cleveland DST Launcher. I don't have the tour model like Intothegrain does but even the retail version is a beast if you get fitted and find the right loft/shaft combination.




    The specs for the rest of my bag are in my sig. I also switched out my Ping I5's a couple of weeks ago for a set of Bridgestone J36 Pocket Cavities. This is my first set of forged irons and I'm loving the feel of them.


    So, for 2010... new driver, irons, 5 wood, wedges, and putter. Just a few tweaks. :rolleyes:

  2. I've decided to stop hauling my bag on my back like a sherpa and invest in a push cart. I'm heading down to Dick's tomorrow to buy a Clicgear 2.0 (which are on sale right now).


    I normally try to forgo carts of any kind when I play but as an experiment I've played the last three rounds renting push carts at several area courses. Each time, I shot in the 80's and finished the round almost as strong as I started it. I can't say that is the case when I lug my bag. I turn 42 in September and I think its time to leave carrying bags to the youngsters. I still want to walk and a push cart will let me do that and still have a shot at posting a good score.


    Are any of you guys in the same boat or should I start playing from the senior tees to fit in?

  3. Shot a season low nine hole round of 42 at Pinecrest CC today. My putting fundamentals had gotten sloppy and I switched back to a reverse overlap putting grip which has made all the difference in the world.


    I'm also digging the new irons. I have to focus a little more - especially when hitting the long irons. But, that isn't necessarily a bad thing.

  4. I am considering a long putter.



    and bowling.



    "Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering" - Yoda.

  5. Saturday I shot 91 without hitting more than a handful of iron shots into the air (it was really that bad, Blaine will testify)


    You were definitely grinding, but that's what good players do when they don't have their best stuff.


    Did you make it out on Monday? We hit the range over at Randall Oaks at 8AM and they blew the sirens just as I got through a large bucket. It didn't thunderstorm until almost an hour later. I would have been pissed if I were playing because it rained for an hour after that. All those guys with early tee times probably spent half their morning in the clubhouse and then ended up taking rain checks.

  6. What is your pre-shot routine for a full swing, a short game shot, or a putt? Why? What other routines/parts of a routine have you tried and discarded?


    My routines


    Full shot: get behind the ball, use the club to draw a line from the ball to the target and pick a spot a few inches in front of the ball to allign with. Allign the club face, then my feet. Look at the target, take a full practice swing, envision the result, then step in and swing.


    Short game: Same alignment process, put after that I take some practice swings looking at the hole to get a feel for the shot. Visualize, step in, hit it.


    Putting: Same alignment, 1-2 practice strokes looking at the cup, then visualize, step in and go.


    Matt, you forgot your post shot routine...


    Matt's Post Shot Routine - the Reenactment

  7. Shot 44 on Friday. Shot 91 today, first time over 90 in a long while. I blame Blaine.


    Hopefully tomorrow morning's round will feature fewer ground balls.


    I'll take the blame. It was obvious from observing Matt's swing and especially his length off the tee that he is a much better player than what he showed me today. It probably didn't help that I started praising certain aspects of his game (which got him thinking about good he should be). :D


    As for me, I shot an 88 with a triple and a double on the front. Putted horribly on the front nine and did better in that phase on the back.


    Anyway, I had a lot of fun playing with Matt. Hopefully we can do it again soon (when our schedules permit).

  8. Those Wilsons are a good set of sticks.


    Got the irons this afternoon. Sadly, not in time for my game with Matt. I struck the ball fairly well today. I was able to par three of the four par 3's and probably should have birdied a couple if my putting was on.


    So, the Pings were trying to make a strong case to stay in the bag. But, I'm not falling for it. I didn't hit near enough greens in regulation.

  9. I can report that Matt is a witch with the wedges around the green. The cheap ball he was playing didn't seem to hurt that phase of his game at all.


    Putting... well... we won't talk about that. Lets just say that neither one of us we're doing proud by our Byrons. :D

  10. Not true. I have a Speedline in my storage that I just couldn't get a hold of, I also didn't think the face was shallow enough. I happen to hit my 906f4 much more consistant than my adams and I enjoy the feel of my Titleist better. I am glad you have had luck with yours


    I was saying that a little tongue in cheek as I'm amused when people say such things BUT... I will say that I've personally had really good experiences with Adam in the fairway wood and hybrid category. I'm eyeballing their new Superhybrid although I'll wait for the prices to come down on them before I invest.

  11. In all seriousness, I always though the Rapture name was weird anyway. Raptor would have been cooler. Rapture is just odd.


    It makes more sense for them to stick with their letter series and honor Mr. Karsten with the "K". It's fitting if the K-series is the most forgiving in the line-up. He pioneered many of the game improvement innovations that we enjoy today.

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