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  1. I've seen him put a number of different putters in play over the years... Odyssey White Hot XG #9 Odyssey White Hot XG Blade 8802 Customs from Scotty Cameron Futura Others?
  2. Addicted2Golf

    Nike Method

    Yeah, bingo - that's the problem with Nike putters. They don't hold their value like Camerons or other brands that retail in that same neighborhood so why should I invest at that price?
  3. He probably can't afford a camera. LOL.
  4. How do you display those bad boys? Tell me you don't have them sitting in a closet...
  5. I love the finish, but damn that snow would be distracting. Is that why it's a wall hanger?
  6. I blogged on A2G about a post that Tom Wishon made on his site's board that described how ridiculously random and advertiser driven the Golf Digest process has become. Its good to hear that Golf Magazine may be taking a different approach. If you don't mind me asking and I've always wondered about this... how does one become a Club Tester for Golf Magazine?
  7. Great post. I haven't stamped any putter I own yet but I will definitely follow your advice. Don't discount the guy who talked about resale. Hey, tastes change over time and unless you have the money to collect putters and not have to sell them to reinvest in a new stick, then stamping is not something you should do unless the stamping you've done will appeal to others.
  8. I didn't say anything about that to the original poster, but I don't know what's to love; their isn't much to it. But, with putters, beauty is truly a subjective thing.
  9. Your stroke must have gotten really bad if now you spell it "stroek".
  10. You're right - if Billy Mays were still alive, he would be selling this putter. Sometimes its all about the Benjamins.
  11. The other problem you'll have is the tour van guys sometimes grind the flange, add weight, sight lines (or remove them), etc.
  12. Why do you sometimes love it or hate it?
  13. Why did it take them so long to offer a club with the GelBack technology in black. It really understates that part of the design and makes for clean, almost classy looking iron. I'd totally game those.
  14. Daly says Callaway pressed meds on him. http://bit.ly/9XepGF
  15. A little off topic, but I'll bite. I've heard TW for WII is the best golf game on ANY console. Do you agree?
  16. What good does an extra 5 mph swing speed do for you if you're playing your third shot off the tee because you hit your first shot out of bounds?
  17. Yeah, I've heard REALLY good things about the ARC irons and wedges. It makes me want to go out and grab a set cheap off the Bay just to see if the hype is justified.
  18. I'm always drawn to the TM MB Forged although they are notorious for being extremely unforgiving.
  19. Just giving you a hard time man. No ill will intended.
  20. Meh. Just all about the golf.
  21. This list obviously took a long time to put together and a ton of planning. Nice job. Well thought out launch (and not just the prizes).
  22. Couldn't see it tonight and I've never been to the page before on this computer. Have you cleared your cache?
  23. You can't stop him, you can only hope to contain him.
  24. It would helpful to be able to left or right justify photos and wrap text around them so we can post photos inline for reviews.
  25. Im trying to remember... when are their Friends and Family sales?
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