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  1. If Ben Hogan hadn't been in that automobile accident then we wouldn't even be having this debate right now. Best-ball-striker-ever.
  2. I just got done reading about Ashley Madison in one topic and then just came over here. I'm glad I did. Reading this restored my faith in humanity.
  3. I posted this on my blog shortly after watching the "press conference".. Like many, I probably need some time to really absorb this before I can share all my thoughts. But, overall, the entire event left me cold. It felt staged and contrived (which it was). Tiger didn't show a lot of emotion and didn't sound as sincere as he should have. It was like being at Storytime with Tiger without the cookies and milk afterward. Some of my initial reactions to his statements: True that. But as @jasonwoodmansee put it so eloquently on Twitter: “My apology to Elin will not be in the form of words – Yeah, it will be in the form of a check…” I appreciated his candor here, but I thought he was smarter than that. Michael Vick wasn't a cautionary tale? How about Plaxico Burress? The list goes on and on. I don't know how any athlete or celebrity can think at this point that the rules don't apply to them. Sorry, but it doesn't work like that Tiger. As a celebrity, when you bring this kind of scrutiny upon yourself (intentionally or not) media will be involved and questions will get asked. As a professional athlete and a brand ambassador, dealing with the press in good times and bad is part of your job description. Be a man, hold a real news conference, and answer questions so this thing can truly be put to bed. And do it before your first tournament so that your fellow competitors don't get bombarded and distracted with questions regarding your mess when they are trying to earn a living and provide for their families. I agree with him here. Leave the man's family alone. They did absolutely nothing to deserve any of this. One thing is for certain – it doesn't sound like he will be returning to golf anytime soon. And I think that is the right decision on his part. Rushing back to the tour would undercut his credibility if he's truly serious about focusing on the needs of his family and not himself.
  4. OMFG... Has it really come to that? What kind of world are we living in?!#
  5. One thing about this year's Club Test... I was really glad to see so many smaller companies represented - SeeMore, Yes, Rife, Heavy, etc. I was starting to wonder if lesser known brands that lack huge marketing budgets can even compete in the golf industry these days.
  6. My all time favorite headcover is the 2009 U.S. Open Scotty cover that looks like a fighter plane. I'd show you a picture of it, but some tool stole it from my bag. Fortunately he/she left the putter behind. I guess it could have been worse...
  7. I would look great in my garage sale bag - right next to the Perfect Club.
  8. Exactly - with some investment, I think Callaway (with the Hogan line) could have given Mizuno a run in the player category.
  9. Well, great. My clubs will be in the mail to you straight away. Do I get the MyGolfSpy board member discount?
  10. I got a pair of Footjoys for Christimas with the BOA lacing system. I really like it, but it doesn't look like Footjoy offers it any more. Why didn't people like it? I think it's really convenient - almost like slippers coming on and off...
  11. LOL. I do that also. Constantly in search of something to save me from paying $50 annually to Skycaddie for a subscription.
  12. Well, the F-Speed is still 1.5 degree closed, which increases the effective loft. Sounds like you need the X model.
  13. Hopefully its OK SacTown. Thanks for the links!
  14. Z Star Tour Yellow. The Color of Happy. Get Your SRIXON.
  15. I was in a local big box retailer last week hanging out in the putter section as I sometimes do. As I was browsing the putter rack, I recalled some tweets I exchanged with John Raser regarding Rife putters. I've been a Scotty Cameron loyalist and have been gaming a Studio Style Newport for four seasons now. Nothing has come close to knocking it out of the bag. I've demoed a couple of Rife's over the years and have always been impressed with the roll that their milled groove face technology puts on the ball and John echoed that sentiment during our chat. But, I could never find a style that I liked. With that in mind, I ambled over to the Rife area and one putter immediately caught my attention. The Guerin Rife Abaco Island Series is a player's heel shafted mallet design with very clean lines at address. The 303 Stainless Steel head is 345 grams which is similar in weight to my Scotty. I played around with the Abaco for a good thirty minutes trying putts of various lengths from all over the green and the results were spectacular. The Rife Abaco fit my stroke very well and the patented grooves gave me a great confidence when it came to the level of control I had over the speed and break of my putts. And for someone who prefers blades, the players mallet design is a good compromise that still suites my eye while adding a bit more forgiveness. I ordered the Rife Abaco in my preferred 35″ length and it will be my gamer heading into the 2010 season. As I spend more time with it, I will report back and provide more feedback.
  16. Wow, that that does have a nice traditional look to it!
  17. Ah, OK. Yes...I've been known to be seen hanging around my local big box retailer. If they were smart, they would give me a shirt and put me on the pay roll. At least I could answer questions while I'm there. LOL.
  18. Looks pretty large. I'm all about the gadgets but I'm not sure I'd have space for that in my bag.
  19. Perhaps people are reacting to the hollow tungsten sole (the picture of the cut away was in the original post).
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