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  1. RoverRick winning the shootout live on Facebook and Theoo driving the driveable par 2/2 times were highlights of the week!
  2. Fiancé begs me to go. Probabbly to get a break! haha
  3. If Auburn upsets Alabama, we may not see a SEC team (highly unlikely) make it to the playoffs.
  4. Side topic: Is that an availability issue for if they win, a can you make this more than once repeatability issue, or both?
  5. I'm still gaming mine. Starting the 7th month of using them. Gaps are better (especially in the short irons) than I've ever been able to maintain. Distances are also remaining steady, even though I'm averaging a round a month. Only issue I've had so far is with the 3 iron, on days where I haven't hit any balls, it's a stinger 4 iron. However, once I warm up, it's fine. I have recently pulled the SL SW from the bag. I hit it great around the green, from the bunker and with full swings, but I'm not currently practicing those half shots between 50-100 yards enough to rely on it under pressure.
  6. Way to ruin everything Matt Mann. You're the worst...
  7. This isn't hard. The putter wasn't given away. It was sent to be reviewed. A review that arguably put them on a map. Personally, I'd be so ecstatic, there'd be more in the mail to both Dan and HQ. It's amazing how quickly golf consumers jump to communism these days: "you can't charge that", "you can't release that many clubs", "you can't sell that". Maybe get permission from Chairman Mao before your next step.
  8. Driver has arrived. It's definitely deeper than the retail head. A little smaller foot print, too. No alignment aid. Heel weight is 1 gram. Sets up square. Other driver is an xr Subzero for reference. Hope to get it on the quad next week.
  9. I meant on the Callaway Preowned site. That head, mine and the one on the USGA conforming list are the only 3 I've found.
  10. Game improving has gone way past drivers. Wedges, putters, hybrid chippers. All of it is designed to improve some part of someone's game. Not just distance. The question is, do they work? I play with a guy who's a great golfer, but he's terrible with pitch shots. If he's 5-10 yards away from the fringe, it's taking him 2-3 shots to get on the green. Now he uses an alien hybrid wedge for those shots. It still takes him 2 to get on the green. We can talk about moi and center of gravity. Sure, somethings make hitting the ball a little easier. But at the end of the day game improving clubs aren't fixing the handicaps.
  11. If game improving clubs were as forgiving as advertised, handicaps would be dropping.
  12. Browsing Callaway Preowned late last night (as usual) and I came across this listing. Called them up this morning and there is one on the way! I can't find any info about this other than a mention that it was placed on the USGA list (from the blog). Any one gaming one/tried one? Will post pics when I get it in hand on Monday.
  13. Guess they need to hand clip the greens. Mowers may be too much for the green to handle. 😂
  14. Two new wedges, but I'm at least a week away from being able to swing a club. 😭
  15. Glad to meet you. I'm up on the North side. where do you tee it up?
  16. I want to see the ball flight on that. He's gonna need a long run way for takeoff.
  17. I'll send you a d!ck pic for $1. 😂
  18. Brandwashing is real. The real question here is what exactly are you getting from an OTR Scotty other than an AM&E cover and a heavier (too heavy imo) head?
  19. Don't ask yourself "can I bring my cart on the green?" Ask yourself "should I bring my cart on the green?" That answer is no.
  20. That response time was epic. Pretty sure you commented before my page reloaded.
  21. Picked up an epic Subzero head over the weekend after reading some comparisons between it and the XR Subzero, my current gamer. While I didn't have enough time to compare the two head to head, with a speeder evolution 2, the numbers were surprising and epic. In the middle of a long needed swing over haul, I wasn't expecting to launch bombs, but the ball speed off the Subzero may be the highest I've ever seen for me. Not too long after this shot, a 284 carry 166 mph ball speed a few yards from the center line popped up. Needless to say, the ball speed is pretty intriguing. Without a same shaft, head to head comparison, shot dispersion is unknown at the moment, but this is a candidate to beat the XR Subzero out of he bag.
  22. The USGA has no accountability. The groove ban was the single most idiotic and destructive rules change in golf. Golfer's should've boycott the USGA tournaments in response that year.
  23. Obviously, you're just "triggered." Lol I'm the youngest player in the MGA at the club by about 30 years. Doubt I keep playing in it, because it's just a bunch of old @$$holes that cheat their sacred rules any chance they get. Golf needs to go hipster. Embrace old school links-style courses that utilize natural land formations for routing and rain water and natural water for irrigation. Forget about all this precision milling that drives up the price of everything. Etc, etc...
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