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  1. Had a set of Scratch and they were like butter. Nice bag play well. Scotty B
  2. I read a report that Tigers golf ball is a different version then the retail ball. Thinner cover. Not sure on any other company. If you have not played a Bridgestone ball I would tell you to pick a dozen up. You will never look back. Scotty B
  3. Yes would love to here what people think. I play the bridgestone B330s and would like to see what people think compared to it. Scotty B
  4. I have to agree. I was playing the Cleveland Launcher 460 for about 6 years and finally took it out of my bag for a 9015 D which to me still has that classic look. Great club!! You can find them very reasonable. Scotty B
  5. At this point in time I am enjoying golf with out Tiger. The young guys coming up are fun to watch. We actually get to see some other guys playing!! I get tired of watching Tiger walking and having a snack on the course. There are other guys that we can enjoy. Fowler was fun to watch today and golf needs some new blood so that Tiger isnt the only one we are watching. As far is Tiger when he comes back? Let the media circus begin!! Scotty B
  6. Stampings can be fun if not over done. I dont agree that stampings should make a putter more valueable. Do it for personal reasons not to make money. Scotty B
  7. I am rolling a Kia Ma putter and I think it has just as nice a feel as any OTR Scotty Cameron. You can find them cheap and the quality is outstanding. I have putted with TM Spider also and never had any issues. Was actually dead on from 10 feet and in. Just had some issues with longer putts. Scotty B
  8. High School Golf Coach 2009 League Champions!!

  9. Great win!! Cobra still makes a nice looking stick. Always solid. Scotty B
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