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  1. Spot on GG, game 4 is TB's season for sure. Too bad Bishop got hurt, the young goalie is quite emotional, Hockey Night In Canada did a little bit on Vasilevskiy's tantrums during 2nd intermission of Blues/Sharks game 3. In the locker room, fine, but showing up your teammates in front of the whole hockey world can backfire.
  2. Awesome Foz, great job, life gives us so many surprises. did you guys win a skin too?
  3. Bad time of the year for that, I got one too, right side mid back(lat?), at best it is stiff, sometimes it tightens up or cramps, can't do a sit-up. I did it in late March, hitting balls outside on a cold day. It isn't getting any better, but it is golf season, what can we do? In five months it will be snowing again. I'm going for the ice right now, and a cold beer. Best wishes.
  4. MGS Review - MLA Tour Classic Putter May 2016 Stage One Thrilled, Honored, And Very Thankful To Be Selected As a Tester It was a huge thrill to be selected by MGS and MLA Golf as a tester for one of the MLA putters featuring their alignment technology. When I submitted my entry as a contestant, it felt like buying a lotto ticket, the thinking being, “I won't win but it is better to try and not win, instead of the just not winning”. I wanted to be involved because of the “Multi-Line Alignment technology”, I have huge problems with putter head alignment, on every putt, there is always a gnawing doubt I have the putter lined up correctly, could this putter eradicate this doubt? Maybe, all I got to do is buy a ticket. And then, I was picked!!!!!!!!! I never get picked, unless it is jury duty. But it kept getting better. First, we are told we get to actually keep the putter. Keep it? Then, we get to actually ORDER one that we want??? Order it? I felt like a winner on that TV show “Undercover Boss”. There are two major categories we could pick from, the Tour and Pro. I ordered a Tour Classic, 35”, which arrived approximately eight days later, awesome, and MLA graciously included a magnetized head cover, weight kit and (2) hats. Fantastic!!! Why I Do Like Golf? What a game! Think about, we start at 300-500 yards from the target, hitting this projectile with all our might, sending it soaring through the air, tracking it down as if it is wounded game, smacking it again and again, hopefully with not too many “agains”, until the ball reaches the oasis, a natural carpet of green, we're are home. But there was some guy back in the day, the Evil Putter Guy, who wasn't satisfied just that, and after a wee belt of whiskey, decided that he needed something more, maybe he was a lousy ball striker and needed to make up strokes. Anyway, he made a hole in the grand carpet, and decreed, “We must roll the ball in this little hole after reaching this oasis”, and his playing partner, Chumly, who wasn't the confrontational type, did not object, thus the grand curse called putting was created. Putting, it is the great equalizer. And the great essential. Save a par? Must make a putt. Birdie? Make a putt. Want to win a skin? Make a putt. What Kind Of Golfer Am I? I fell in love with golf because the ball striking. Putting wasn't as exciting. Rockets shooting through the air vs. an apple rolling off of a table. I am kindred spirit of the playing partner of the Evil Putter Guy, who was striping it from tee to green, then got hood-winked by having to perform the additional act of rolling the ball in the hole. I practice and play on public courses in the Metro Detroit area, northern suburbs, the fairways and rough are lush, and greens tend to be slow, grainy. You can find some very challenging courses that feature a lot of “target” golf, carries over marshes and water, tree-lined fairways, ponds and lakes, etc. Usually play nine holes a week in a not-so-intense league, and maybe I will get a round by myself in after work, playing my favorite “yellow ball vs white ball” (Srixon Z Star XV vs. ProV1), rarely do I play 18 holes unless I go on a weekend trip. I have no official handicap, but as a member of a golf league I have averaged 41-43 per nine holes for many years. A good day on an easy course a 74 or 75 is possible, on a bad day on a hard course a 93 could pop up. Anything between is possible. Mid and short irons would be the strongest part of the game, also have the ability to the drive the ball 260-280 with the odd 300 in there if the ball lands on a sprinkler head. However, my driving is a double-edge sword, hence the name, Dhuck Whooker, other names would apply, “The Pusher”, “Snipes”, would work also. While possessing decent swing speed for a “senior”, sometimes tee shots turn into penalty shots real quick, but iron shots usually reach the green or close, chipping/pitching is decent but not good enough to guarantee a tap-in. Then it is time for the putter. Yikes. I am not mechanically inclined, I don't see lines well, so I putt more by feel. I found bowling, standing with left foot on this dot, throw ball over this arrow, confounding and suffocating, so robotic. So I try to envision how the ball will go in the hole and go from there as opposed to picking out intermediate spots, etc. “The Real Inconvenient Truth – They Just Don't Go In” What is result of my putting? Simply put, “THEY JUST DON'T GO IN”. Most of my putts have crowd-pleasing drama, followed by that “hockey moan” when a scoring chance is missed, so close but denied. Not “YESSIR”, it is “no sir”. Pull them left, sure, push them right, yep, hit them through the break, you betcha, leave that “left to righter” under the hole, yeppers. Leave it short, bomb it past, just name it, I do it. Hence, the quest for making more putts, brings us to looking into for an opportunity to test an innovation putter alignment. My Current Putter My current putter is an Odyssey Tank Cruiser 7, counter-balanced, 38” with the stock Superstroke grip. I chose that model because I found that head went through the ball nicely. It was bent flat 2 degrees on the recommendation of a putter fitting. One of the things this putter has helped with is the twisting of the face through impact. I can mimic a “belly putter stroke” with this putter, and have been better on the shorter putts 2-5 feet. The downside of this putter is 1) alignment and 2) controlling the speed, especially on the faster greens. Sometimes the alignment doubts are downright paralyzing. Initial Impressions of the MLA Tour Classic Initially impressions it is aligns beautifully, has a great, balanced, weighted feel in the head, kind of heavy. The milled face produces a great roll, even on an off-center hit. I've never gamed a milled face putter like this, has a very solid feel. The alignment aid on this putter is really quite good. Definitely worth a run. What Will Be The New Putter? So why I am doing this when I should be trimming the bushes in front of the garage? It is “the quest”, “get the ball in the hole”. (Left frame, current gamer, Odyssey Tank Cruiser 7, middle frame, first putt with MLA Tour Classic on practice green at Blackheath, this was a right to lefter slightly uphill, last frame, it went down, good start!!) What I am looking for with the MLA Tour Classic will do is help improve alignment, confidence, with the shorter length I can have better control with speed. Ultimately, the goal is making more putts. Making more putts means lower scores, more birdies, more skins, more moo-lah, more happiness, finally beating that Evil Putter Guy at his own game. Thanks to all for selecting me to participate in this review. Sincerely yours, D. Whooker
  5. Sensitive? I posted a version of that same joke we have a golf joke thread somewhere on this site. The first time I heard that joke the wife actually perishes the guy only remembers making a double. At this point, I could be guilty for being sensitive about being cited for being sensitive.
  6. Not one superstition. Maybe I need some. Definitely. First one, I will do no yard work will on days when golf is to be played, by me, or any other person. I feel better already.
  7. What do you think the ladies say about us? And they are smart enough not to post it online.
  8. Nobody likes to wait, and nobody likes to be rushed, and nobody likes to be stung by a bee. That's all I got to say about that.
  9. When my kids were younger I couldn't play or practice for about 5 years, then things changed, travel soccer was over, the kids began to hang out girls instead of Dad, then I was able to get back into golf again, the raising of kids is a tremendous responsibility, but it shoots by so fast. Now if it is your job, yecch. All I wish for you and everybody else is happiness, with or without golf.
  10. Wings can't finish at net now they are finished. Time for golf. Lightning has nice squad, fun to watch, good mix of skill and grit, hope they make a good, long run.
  11. This is awesome. WOW!! Thanks to the selection people for choosing me. Fanastic. Usually I am that guy that never wins the door prize or the 50/50 raffle, until today,, Can't wait for that baby to show up. Very exciting. Also, alignment is a big problem for me, eager, and, well anxious, to see if the MLA will help me with alignment. Actually played 9 holes today for the first time, finally, and the current putter is in big trouble, Exit visas are imminent. Thanks again guys.
  12. Sorry it took 2 years to get back to you on this... I love beer!!! Even if it is on my shirt, although it should have made it to my mouth, wasted beer is a tragedy. But anti-anchoring era is here, it is going to be interesting, if somebody tries to putt like Langer in my golf league, wow, will there be whining.
  13. I think I have posted this before, the game always beats the golfer, no matter who it is, even Jack and Tiger, or Jordan Spieth, a 22 year old young man. The golf gods are always waiting to get us, sometimes it is subtle with those slow agonizing days like Day and Rory had, then once in awhile they punch you hard in the gut like they did to Jordan Spieth. Where do the golf gods live? They live in us. Next time I get a 80 yd pitch over water I'm going to be happy if 1) I don't chunk it, and 2) I don't skull it. I bet DJ and Rory don't feel much better than Jordan.
  14. Dwayne, Michigan Odyssey Tank Cruiser #7 38" Tour Classic Miss left, right, short, long, up, down, (Out of dimensions)
  15. No golf in MI, April 10, springtime in the D.. Will it ever end?
  16. New stuff cobbled together, 913D3 8.5 with UST Proforce AXIVCore Tour Black wood shaft, 77g, going heavy. 915fd 3 wood 15' with recycled UST Proforce AXIVCore Tour Black wood shaft, 69g, might be too light, Maltby KE4 Tour HDI Hybrid #2, with, yep, recycled UST Proforce AXIVCore Tour Black hybrid shaft. Also put on GP MCC 4 grip on it, blue, for its calming effect. Got the Maltby idea from MattF, thanks, MattF. The Titleist heads came from rebay. The driver. shaft is new, the other 2 were pulled from old Bang stuff rotting away in the kid's bag. All assembled with TLC by yours truly and I made sure the epoxy cured. This is very important in order to be a good citizen. Forgot to use that lizard venom stuff though, damn.
  17. That little kid who hit that golf ball won't tell me how he did it. I have been asking him for 45 years. Maybe he's mad about how things turned out. I think he wanted to be an astronaut.
  18. When I was 10 or so summertime was all about baseball, and I was a decent hitter but didn't have home run power. We had a diamond in the backyard, my dad had a decent sized backyard. One day during summer vacation I was snooping around the house and got into my dad's clubs. I grabbed a fairway wood, a ball and a tee. Not being very smart, I went in the backyard, teed up the ball at home plate and aimed at centerfield, behind that was the neighbors house. I swung at the ball, and click, it rocketed off, ten feet off the ground on a laser right for my neighbors back doorwall about 80 yards away and seemed to get there in a nano second. Fortunately the ball hit brick, bounced harmlessly to earth. Nobody heard it, nobody saw it, at least no earthly beings. But I felt such a thrill, not only avoiding catastrophe, but the power of launching that projectile with that club, with such ease and grace, it made me feel like a superhero. I didn't get to play for real until I was 15 or 16, and discovered that hitting those lasers could be elusive, but it is still why I play today.
  19. No bag? No belt? No rangefinder? No gortex rain suit with matching hat? We have to remember to accessorize....
  20. In the golf bag as of this writing.. Tour striker 7 iron, small head, good for dialing it in Tour striker educator, hate it, puts holes in the grip tape at the butt end of the shaft, which could introduce little rocks in the golf shafts Orange Whip, use it to warm up, good conversation piece Swing Extender (keeps trail elbow from bending too much in backswing) Swing key (keeps trail wrist bent back) rarely use it Spine A liner (keeps arms, torso connected) ditto Tour tempo, beeps 3 to 1 ratio, headphones are terrible, batteries always dead because unit is easily turned on by getting bumped. Wristminder, my dad invented this actually, keeps lead wrist flat, my favorite aid, being impartial of couse. SKLZ Smart Golf, lead wrist trainer, don't tell my dad I got one Tic Tac sleeve over lead elbow clicks when elbow bends, not bad Putter balls, special balls which are more like itty-bitty tires, but if they called them Putter Tires that would be bad marketing. In the bedroom, Medicus 460 cc driver, I don't get it, I can swing it withoutit breaking I if I only if I grit my teeth and hold my s------r muscle really tight. Momentus Speed Swoosh thing, good, almost blew out my knee. Momentus iron, heavy with training grip, helps what again? Almost killed our pooch with it. Roy McAvoy said it, paraphernalia for lost souls.. Is this stuff tax deductible? I expect with a training aid that you when start using the aid, at first you struggle, and eventually you overcome, but no, either I hit great shots with it right away, or I never get anywhere with it.
  21. It's OK it will melt... We had a nice week there about ten days ago but things have turned quite "Marchy". Right now it is raining white stuff but it isn't sticking. North of I69 they are getting hammered.
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