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  1. Hi Guys, Just thought I would write up a post for all the Aussie MGS users on here. I discovered a website about a year ago where you can bet on your own golf game to win $$. Pretty much you make a bet and play in pots against other players from around AUS and winner takes all. Also you may get challenged to have a certain score to win money as well. Best thing of all its run using Golflink also so there arent any dodgy cheaters!!!! The websites called Golfcash check it out. Its free to join www.golfcash.com.au
  2. Titliest 909F2.... I liked it so much i paid fullprice for a demo as i didnt want to risk ordering one the same and it not being the same
  3. Ill take the Scotty... Been looking for a Laguna forever
  4. He also used this in final round at the Australian JB Were Masters on the weekend
  5. thanks for the tips... just put a white Iomic on it and it looks the goods now... the hardest thing of call was getting the paint fill in the dots smooth.. RB7 - wouldnt then light coat of acetone strip all the paint out ?
  6. Here's teh whole bag + some snaps of my paint fill
  7. Pretty much done.. Just gotta clean it up a bit
  8. First coat of white is on... Had to dig out all the original paint from th cavity and "SCOTTY" from the hosel as you could see if under the white paint
  9. Starting to do a paint fill on my Scotty.. Just with Nail polish.. going black and white theme
  10. Hi all Just thought I would share my current DIY which is paint filling my Scotty Cameron Studio Style Newport 2.. I could only find a base pic for a 2.5 though, however only difference as you know is the hosel really. Im going for a black and white them to keep it clean simple and looking smart hopefully... Stock First coat of black on the sole... I will be doing the white tonight so stay tuned for more Pics
  11. If your going to keen the R7. Then maybe just get the shaft taken out of it and thrown in the Burner TP you buy.. then if you dont like it you can always change back
  12. Ive always loved Nike irons, especially the blades.... Ive just switched back to my Scotty Cameron Studio Style Newport 2 putter.. I paintfilled it with pink, however now thing i will stip the whole thing and go with black and while
  13. Thanks guys... I just cant seem to settle on a driver at the moment... In the last 6 months ive had a Titleist 909 D3, Taylormade R9 TP, Callaway FT Tour and now the 905R... I think its just me.. mine you the callaway FT Tour did go about 30m longer than all the other drivers so i mgith have to stick with that.. lol
  14. to be honest I have no idea.. Was bought off a mate who got it off Ebay i think... Ive been keen to paintfill the back of it but im scared ill remove the oxide finish
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