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  1. Priced re-reised: 150 shipped, come on guys a great new club for cheap, really light and forgiving driver. Also able to shape a draw and a fade to it quite easily, a fairway finder!
  2. Selling this brand new W/S D100 (2013) 10.5 stiff flex. Bought that one on ebay but just found a cheaper one in 9 degree so re-selling this one. PRICE REVISED: 175 SHIPPING INCLUDED!
  3. Hey! Yep shipped it today by Canada Post here's there tracking number (should be there in 4 or 5 days the guy told me): cx430289423ca!

  4. Yep, I'm shipping the Scotty GoLo to Will on Monday and I know that he's got my address though if he hasn't given it to ya yet, it's:

    8110 Thompson Run Road

    Pittsburgh, Pa 15237

    Also, my e-mail's: rpjii@me.com

    Tele #: (412)897-5129

    Any questions, you gimme a holler

    Have a great day

    My Best,


  5. Hey! wanna confirm that deal you made with wdgolf for these wilson irons and scoty putter?

  6. lower price: 225 for all! Come en guys great clubs!
  7. Hey!Sorry for the time...thanks but I think I prefer sell these clubs!
  8. Regular on the fg62 and stiff on the fi5. Dynamic gold for both. Kinda suck for the stiffness gap but it's 15$ a shaft so....not so bad for such quality clubs! I played them couple of rounds even with the gap and it was alright. Best part of having regular shafts on the shorter irons is you can shape the ball better. Interested?
  9. Need to sell all these as soon as possible, these are all in EXCELLENT SHAPE, been played 5 or 6 times not more. FG62 irons 6 to 9 and Fi5 irons 4 and 5. This makes a combo set from 4 to 9. Look at the pics, amazing clubs! I'm from Canada so send me an e-mail if you are interested and we'll figure out things! 300$ for the entire set
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