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  1. Jim, MA 10 HC, 98 or so swing speed Ping G20 G400 Max Great opportunity especially for someone who enjoys my time at the range as well as playing. Also enjoy the science behind all the latest clubs too. Good luck to everyone and can't wait for the reviews.
  2. 1. Jim, MA 2. 9-10 3. Ping G 4: Either 900 Forged or 900 HM (not sure?) Great contest and look forward to the opportunity and ultimately the test results/ reviews.
  3. 1. Your age: 56 2. Your ball speed with your driver: approx 98-100 3. Your current golf ball: Snell MTB Look forward to the opportunity to compare to my current Snell ball.
  4. 1. First name and home state or province: Jim, MA 2. Current handicap: approx 10 HC 3. Current driver and shaft combo: Ping G20 with tour stiff shaft 4. Driver swing speed and carry distance: approx 98 mph and 235 carry (haven't checked in a while) 5. Favorite Callaway Staffer: Phil Mickleson Really great offer and look forward to the opportunity.
  5. Just put the Z5 on one of my irons to test it. So far I like it and it is similar to my NDMC grips but a little softer so it's easier on the hands. I would prefer a little more noticeable cord in my upper hand. Not sure about humid weather though, or rain either, but so far it's not bad and actually pretty comfortable. I actually looked at as an option to the NDMC as they have become pretty expensive lately and the Z5 is $3 less per grip. We'll see long term though.
  6. First Name: Jim Home State/Province/Country: Massachusetts, United States Current Handicap: 8-9 Current Iron Set: Ping G 5-PW (black dot) Great opportunity and looking forward to a chance to win.
  7. Sounds like a great opportunity. Sign me up. Your Handicap 10 Your State/Province MA Your Swing Speed & Average Carry Distance 95-100/ 230 -240 Your Preference (F7 or F7+) Not sure, probably F7
  8. In my opinion the DST is a decent training aid, but not the end all solution. The drastic hands forward starting position is good for static practice but it's too far forward for actual swings and can ultimately mess up your swing I believe. Don't get me wrong I think it's pretty good but a others point out the pros don't push their hands all the way forward with this club and neither should you. During the actual swing if you get good hip rotation then the club sets up nicely but the starting position is pretty odd and can affect your backswing. Saw a review on Dan Whittaker's youtube sit
  9. Jim Rohnstock Medfield, MA Strengths: Chipping and sand play are pretty good Weaknesses: Inconsistent with distance under 75 yds 50, 54 and 58 degrees wedges in SS with XP 95 shafts. R300. Gold (+1/32) grips Really looking forward to trying these wedges. Currently playing Vokey SM5 and find they balloon too much and would like to see how these do especially in shots under 100 yards.
  10. Jim Medfield, MA Currently use Golfshot on my phone for GPS yardages and scoring. Really feel a laser rangefinder would improve my distance information a great deal.
  11. Ave rounds per year: 40-50 Handicap: 10 approx Current Putter: Taylormade Ghost Spider (with added counterbalanced grip) The new mallet putter seems really interesting. Look forward to the opportunity.
  12. Jim Massachusetts approx 10 Clubs look very interesting and would love the opportunity to test them out.
  13. Signed up for the larger pistol grip style as it weighs about the same as my current counterbalanced grip. Not sure about the pistol grip though but it looks interesting.
  14. Jim, Medfield, MA USA Callaway Razr X with Uniflex steel shafts Approx. 10 HC Great opportunity to test the new clubs!!
  15. Been playing the Snell MTB for about a month now and although it's cold here in New England, and not ideal conditions, I've been very happy with this ball. It seems long, works well around the green and if very durable as well. Reminds me of the Project a/ RBZ urethane ball for obvious reasons. Already ordered a few more dozen too. And you can't beat the price either.
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