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  1. Tim / Lawrenceburg IN iPhone 8 Plus primarily outdoors without a net
  2. 1. Tim - Lawrenceburg IN 2. 4 hcp, 115 mph SS 3. Srixon 765 4. G410 Plus I haven't played a Ping driver since the G2 but a long time Ping iron fan. Fingers crossed
  3. Tim Indiana 4 Srixon Z945 S300 i500 Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  4. Would love to be a tester! Tim / Indiana Srixon 745 KuroKage SS 108-110 HCP 2.4 9.5 degree, Tensei CK White Stiff
  5. Tim Indiana (own Gore-Tex play every weekend that's above 32° the golf courses are open) I have a 20-year-old Bushnell 1500. Would love to test a slope addition in my area we see 7 to 9° slopes Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  6. Glad to see the shotmaker thread. I happen to be the one that started the thread about the shotmaker on another popular forum. I believe the shotmaker firms up impact feel. I believe Mike has demonstrated through testing that the head is stabilized by the shot maker which prevents that sensation of a glancing blow when you catch it high or towards the toe. To avoid the noticed dropping distance and I agree it tends to be around 10 yards I have gone to slightly lighter shafts. I have always liked 70 to 75 g weight shaft. And since I started using the shotmaker I have switched to 65 to
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