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  1. I have a great deal of respect for Tom and his knowledge. Problem is that much of the technology has changed since he has retired and the years before he retired he wasn't really doing a lot of research (or it didn't seem like it) other than the Sterling Single Length irons which were really designed by Jaacob Bowden and Tom helped out with. His 919THI driver was excellent. At one time it was about as great of a driver head as you could find. High MOI head with a classic shape. Kind of a better version to the Ping G400 Max as it didn't launch and spin as high as the G400 Max but was as forgiving (I own the 425Max and it's not as forgiving, but spins less and launches lower than the G400 Max). I did have problems with the face of the 919THI cracking after about 18 months of use. I was hitting a lot of balls with the driver back then, but almost on cue, the face would crack on 18 months. They would always replace the head free of charge and apologize. However when they went to the longer hosel in the 919THI to help with flattening out the lie angle if you choose to do so, it completely changed the CoG of the head. The head felt completely different to me. Very tinny, sounded different and didn't perform nearly as well. I had a friend measure the CoG on the GolfMechanix CoG machine and he said it had the CoG the highest up on the face and the closest to the heel of any driver they had measured. I didn't have the old models of the 919THI to give my friend to measure, but I firmly believe that the long neck design altered the CoG and it changed the club's CoG. And it went from being arguably the best driver head on the market to being a head more suited for hackers. I had Tom's 555M blades. Some of the best blades I had ever hit. Unfortunately I hit so many balls with them the grooves were shot on a few of the irons and he discontinued making the model. It's a shame because I think he really had a great design there. His 929 fairway woods were excellent. I just tend to have misses towards the toe and the 929 weren't as forgiving off the toe as I hoped. But I could hit some bombs with the 929 fairway metals. I had the 575MMC irons. Some of the best feeling irons you'll find on the market, but the low bounce angles combined with the grind just didn't suit me. Others could like it. I did like his S2S steel iron shafts. His graphite shafts just didn't work for me. Tom was anti-'jacking up the lofts' with the irons. He preferred to keep driver shafts under 45 inches long. I am a believer that the MOI matching is something that is very much in the right direction and is far superior to swingweight and swingweight matching. However, I think it needs to be researched further as to how much MOI matching alters launch and spin. My gut tells me there is something better out there with regards to the heft of the club and fitting that for the golfer to improve performance. Unfortunately Tom is the only one who had the cajones, brains and determination to help come out with MOI matching. He's retired now and none of the other manufacturers are going to look into it anytime soon. 3JACK
  2. Current Handicap: +0.6 What the Hogan name means to me: The ultimate in quality, precision and class in golf. It starts with Mr. Hogan's swing and goes thru everything he did from his classic dress style to his signature and eventually to his equipment. Mr. Hogan was very proud of his name and what it stood for, so you knew that when his name was attached to the equipment, it was a guarantee that the customer would be provided with the finest quality and precision that equipment has to offer. 3JACK
  3. I've done a handful of putter fittings. One was based on SAM Puttlab data. Another one was based on the amount of skid. I've done 2 Edel putter fittings, one for a standard putter and the other for a belly putter. To me, the Edel putter fitting is the best of them all. The Edel fittings first focus on the aim bias of the golfer. Do you aim right or left of the target? Do you aim low or high (vertically)? The Edel fitting cart comes with a bunch of different head shapes. Then they systematically go thru the different hosel designs along with the different alignment lines and sight dots to find what you aim best. It's a pretty extensive process because they want to make sure you can aim consistently at the cup. I have a right aim bias tendency. So to counter that they started to use more offset and put the alignment lines in the flange. From there, they go to the counterweighting portion. They train their fitters to understand what type of stroke you employ and how much counterweight to use. It is the best putter fitting process going today, IMO. 3JACK
  4. It's probably not that important. Wedges have higher loft and higher spin loft, so the ball's spin axis cannot tilt as much. However, we do know that for every 1 cm of forward shaft deflection, that will close the face angle by about 0.7 degrees and add about 0.7 degrees of loft (credit Dr. Sasho MacKenzie). Depends on what you're looking for. Most golfers are looking for a more penetrating flight and therefore I believe the weight *after* the shaft has been trimmed is key. Most wedge shafts I've seen weigh around 108 grams *after* trimming. That means a higher % of the club's mass is in the head which means higher launch and higher spin. So if you want a more penetrating flight, you'll probably need a heavy shaft with more of the weight towards the tip section of the shaft. 3JACK
  5. When I click on 'View New Content' it does not show any new posts. Been this way for about a month. 3JACK
  6. My 60* Edel Wedge. My Wishon 919THI driver. Although I may change the shaft out. My 'Gonzo Wood.' 3JACK
  7. Here's what a 'balanced' set of irons would look like: 3JACK
  8. Here's the major problem I see with fitting with just 1 club. Below is a set of swingweight matched irons and the weights of the different components (head, shaft and grip) This is the typical way the irons are built. The shafts have descending weights because as they get shorter, the club gets lighter. Conversely, the heads are built with ascending weights. As we see, the % of shaft+grip weight to head weight changes. With the 3-iron, the % is much higher than say the Pitching Wedge. That means with 3-iron has a higher concentration of its mass in the shaft than the PW. The 3-iron already has a low loft, so more mass in the shaft will cause the ball to launch even lower. Conversely, with the PW, the mass is more concentrated towards the head. The PW already has a high enough loft and doesn't need that extra launch and spin rate. So if we are fitting with a 6-iron, a good fitter will find the right shaft for the golfer. Not only bend profile wise, but weight wise. However, they are only finding the right shaft weight for that 6-iron. When we move further away from the 6-iron, the concentration of the club's mass dramatically changes. 3JACK
  9. I believe it is one of the downfalls of fitting for irons. Since you're fitting with 1 club, odds are that club will end up being your 'best club in the bag.' Either that or the club next to (i.e. fitted with a 6-iron and your 7-iron or 5-iron becomes your best club in the bag). If you subscribe to MOI matching and balancing your irons, you start to see the flaw in this type of fitting. The long irons have a higher concentration of its mass in the shaft, causing the ball to launch even lower and spin less. The short irons have a higher concentration of its mass in the head, causing the ball to launch even higher and spin more. I believe if golfers did a fitting using only a 3-iron, they would find that they would be fitted for lighter shafts. Conversely, if they did a fitting using only a 9-iorn, they would be fitted for heavier shafts. 3JACK
  10. Took a lesson on Saturday and then played Metrowest on Sunday: 10/14 FWY 8/18 GIR 29 putts 39-36=75 (+3) Metrowest really screws me up because they have some odd angles to hit off the tee and for the first 6 holes I hit it worse than I have in the last 2 months. Had some issues with a low, tumbling draw. Finally fixed those on #13. Hit a lot of good irons shots, but my driving was so bad early on that I couldn't hit it very well. Did hit the driver great off the deck. Booming one to 20 yards from the green on #7, then a nice one off the deck on #10 and #14. Putted the best I've putted in a couple of months, so the lesson helped there. 3JACK
  11. Nippon Modus 3 shafts Figuring out the entire Opti-Lock and Opti-Vibe installation TrueLinks indoor putting green. Get a Scratch Golf Custom wedge. Looking for a 52* wedge that has high bounce and is designed more like a 56* head. 3JACK
  12. Hit a good shot out of a fairway bunker on a par-5 to 70 yards in the middle of the fairway. I get up there and my ball is in a divot with a little bit of mud on it. I said 'to hell with it' and hit the ball out of the divot. I had been struggling from difficult lies, so I figured I would try and hit it. Hit it flush, spun about 3 feet to the right and into the hole for an eagle. 3JACK
  13. Just stay out of my way... or you'll pay! LISTEN to what I say! 3JACK
  14. I grew up in NY and saw some pretty crazy things on the golf course. But, none of these were at private courses like Piedmont CC (used to live near Piedmont when I lived in Atlanta). One of the courses had an annual tournament for the Prison workers and a friend of mine got so drunk that he played the last hole naked, then walked right into the bar and continued to drink at the bar, buck naked. One time another friend of mine and I were playing in a tournament for charity and it was a big drinking fest. Between the gazillion blood Mary's and jolly ranchers he was scarfing down, he ended up vomiting all over the 18th green. I guess on some level I can understand the nakedness and the vomiting. I don't understand purposely urinating on a green. YR
  15. Yes, on a 3-putt. He hit every fairway and missed only 1 green. He had 13 birdie putts inside 20 feet and made 10 of them. He also holed out from about 100 yards on #15 for eagle. The average score for the round, when you take out Furyk's score was 72.3. The second lowest score for the day was a 65. On #8, his 17th hole...a par-5, he found the greenside bunker on his 2nd shot. He got a bad lie from the bunker and could only put his shot to 17 feet. This could have easily been a 57. 3JACK
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