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  1. i have owned the Mizz MP Titanium 15* 3 wood for two weeks now... nothing short of stunning. to look at, sitting @ address & the sound is like a V8 being started for the first time. this thing is straight or a very slight draw... and Lonnng... BUT when i say long i mean its consistently long. not one off's or down wind... it's just a nice club to hit. you just feel good standing over it. others tried: callaway diablo, adams fast 10, few pings/tits/TM 7&9... the closest thats come to it... TM V-Steel my back up (sleeps beside me)
  2. disagree with you both. it's the ones that left him that will be crying @ the end of the day. for all that he gave them from $$$, business, public name, he raised there % turning by squillions. the 2 main ones that did stick with him... remember loyality above all others. to the new companies that get on board... they are very lucky & im guessing that they will be throwing $$$ @ TW as quick as they can & as much as they can. as for 2011/12... golf may just see the second best golfer (if only counting majors) become the greatest of all time
  3. i game the std 52* & 56* here is Australia... i love them. given our fairways & sand over here i choose to have 10* of bounce. as for wear. very good. the only thing is on sand belt or courses with small/tiny rocks they can wedge/mark the laser milled grooves... but hey being this good a wedge. down the track id just buy another. scuffing golf balls, yeah they are ok. i use mainly bridgestone RXS or e7, i have used TM Penta, V1 & Vx. they dont tear the ball apart. jam down on one & of course there maybe a mark. overall rating on this wedge... solid 9's
  4. i have played this course a number of times... its stunning. played it about 3 wks ago. playing this course from any of the colours is challenging... from the blacks (tiger tees) its just mind blowing. you would play this course twice over two days & still want to go back for more. it has the 3-4 holes set up similiar to Amens corner (11, 12 & 13) @ Augusta National Golf Club...
  5. have 2 of these babies coming to Australia. ordered & paid for... 9.5* & 10.5* stiff. can not wait... love how there is ONLY 500 of these!!! and i own 2 of them.
  6. hi MGS, first post: im all the way from Australia. ive been around golf for along time & this is one of the best reviews i have ever read. i read the review a little while ago... But in the mean time because of your review i purchased a driver from the US (my wife asked me why i needed another Driver... i blamed you ). i got it for a very good price. The club was assembled at a local shop owned by Art Sellenger. It has a Project X 6.0 stiff shaft and has been SS Pure tested. So now for my review: drivers i now own, R7 10.5*, R9 Supertri 10.5*, Callaway Edge 9.5*, Adams Spee
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