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  1. Jeff/Illinois 60 years old Handicap? This one always amazes me. You guys are in the business/game and should know better - you can't ask a handicap without providing the slope. You can ask for a handicap index which in this case is 8.9. Would love to see you guys correct this "error"! Irons = Callaway Epic Pro with New Dec Chev Platinum/Black/White/Green grips with +4 wraps and Project X LZ 105 (PTIP) steel 6.0 shafts Mack Daddy 2 Slate 56 degree with 14 degree bounce Mack Daddy PM Black 60 degree with 10 degree bounce
  2. Really? All those pics and not ONE showing the top lines of the clubs? Come on boys...
  3. 1) Jeff, Illinois 2) 9.7 3) 2014 Big Bertha, Mitsubishi Diamana Blue S+ 62 4) 98, 235 yards 5) Danny Lee
  4. Jeff, Illinois/USA, Handicap INDEX 8.4, Current iron set = Callaway XHot Pro, 5 iron-A wedge. Currently a "member" of a driving range where I stop after work at least 3 times a week and once or twice on weekend. Play about 50+ rounds per year. Member of men's league on Thursday afternoons and permanent tee time holder on Saturday mornings. Golf is my hobby/passion. I have enough equipment in my basement to outfit juniors through seniors.
  5. I live in Illinois, sport a 10 handicap and use a Limited Edition Bobby Grace putter. Only 10 were made and I have #9 of 10.
  6. I play 50 rounds a year, carry a 10 handicap and currently use a limited edition Bobby Grace mallet. This putter replaced my old Rife!!
  7. Name is Jeff G. residing in Illinois with a 10 handicap at my home course. Dream bag would include (subject to this fitting of course!) Z 565 right handed driver/9.5 loft/stiff aldila Rogue I/O 60 shaft/cut down1"/Winn Dri-Tac grip/+2 wraps Z 355 right handed fairwary wood/15 loft/stiff shaft/ standard length/Winn Dri-Tac grips with +2 wraps Z H65 hybrids/19 and 22 degree/both right handed with standard length aldila tour green hyb 85 shafts with Winn Dri-Tac grips with +2 wraps Z 565 right handed irons/5 -PW/Steel Project X 5.5 shafts/standard length/+1 upright/-1 loft/Winn Dri-Tac grips with +2 wraps TFI Elevado CB right handed putter/38" Thanks for a chance to make this great dream come true!
  8. I am a young 58 who enjoys Travis Mathew wear in Illinois!
  9. Those sticks would look great in my bag. Jeff/IL/USA Callaway X hot pro/Project X 5.5 7.3 index (actual handicap depends on course rating and slope, as you know)
  10. I am extremely disappointed with this post/information. You throw these compensation numbers out there like they are ridiculous. Maybe, maybe not. How about some comparable numbers? Maybe these are at the low end of the industry. Maybe these are minimal compared to what other executives receive at other companies. If you can't get the comparables, say so. As ZForce said, Callaway's structure is unique to the industry. You think all these other "names" are making a bunch of money in this uber competitive industry? Doubt it but John Q public can't find out. Irresponsible reporting at best. Shame on you.
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