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  1. Beau Bedell, Scottsdale, AZ Handicap 10 Currently playing Cleveland RTX4 raw finish wedges (50, 56, 60) The lack of glare and the ability to have them slowly rust over time is amazing. The extra spin factor is still TBD.
  2. Beau Bedell, San Jose California Taylormade 2017 M2, Tensei CK Pro Blue stiff shaft 102 MPH SS, 10 handicap 9.5 degree with Tensei CK Pro Orange stiff
  3. I'm looking to purchase a used/well taken care of set of Mizuno JPX 900 tour irons, 4-PW/5-PW Havent found anything promising on ebay yet so figured I'd put out some feelers in the forum in case anyone has a set they're looking to sell. Looking for stiff shaft, preferably Project X LZ 6.0 but will consider any shafts and install my own if needed. Message me if interested. Thanks Beau
  4. Beau California Hdcp 13 Ping iE1 black dot Project X 6.0 shafts JPX900 Tour with Project X LZ 6.0 shafts performed best for me in head to head testing
  5. Hey thanks for the offer. I actually just picked one up from another member on this site. Should arrive next week so if anything goes wrong I may take you up on that offer. Thanks again Beau
  6. I'm looking to pick up a lightly used 2017 M2 driver head. Would prefer 9.5 degree, but would consider 10.5 degree as well. Feel free to PM me if you have one you're looking to get rid of. Beau
  7. Beau Bedell, California USA Callaway Great Big Bertha 10.5 degree, Fujikura Speeder Evolution II 665 stiff shaft Avg swing speed 100 mph, avg carry distance 250 yds
  8. Name: Beau Home State: California Current Handicap: 11.1 Current Hybrid: Tour Edge Exotics EX9, 19 degree, UST Mamiya Recoil stiff shaft
  9. For sale I have my full set of Ping Glide wedges. These are Ping's latest wedge release, fantastic clubs. They are SS (standard sole) with CFS wedge flex shafts. I am selling a 50 (gap), 54 (sand), and 58 (lob) degree wedge as part of the set. These wedges are in very good shape with near perfect grooves, I have only owned them for about 3 months. I enjoyed every moment playing with them, but have to sell them as I am getting a new iron set and the wedge lofts do not fit with the new clubs. These wedges retailed for $130 each. I am selling the set for $300. Please feel free to email me with any questions. Beau
  10. Thanks again for all the feed back. My decision to switch to new wedges was made for a reason. As stated, my old wedges performed well on full swings from the fairway, but were very subpar on pitches and chips around the green. I'm happy to report that the Ping wedges are a huge step up for my short game. I shot my best round in 6 months last week, and it was highlighted by a stellar short game on a day when I had no idea where the ball was going off the tee. Thankfully, the more I practice with the new wedges, it seems that my distance is improving. During my range session yesterday I was only about 5 yards short of my previous distances. Even if I don't ever get the full distances back with these new wedges, I'll gladly trade 5 yards on full swings for multiple saved strokes around the green. Very happy I made the switch at this point! Beau
  11. I thought about the stamping being inaccurate too, esp with them being TM clubs, but I figured moving down in lofts in my new wedges should compensate for that. I decided to switch bc the TMs were great on approach shots, but not great around the greens...not great spin on the short shots, and too many shots hit fat and thin...they have a very weird bounce system in place where none of them have an actual bounce listed bc it's supposed to be a once size fits all bounce that transitions from the toe of the club to the heel
  12. Thank you guys for all of the insightful replies...tons of good ideas to consider. As far as the shafts, I do not have the old ATVs in front of me, but online it says that they have KBS Tour Steel wedge shafts. Both the Cleveland and ATVs are listed at 35.5 in length, cant find length info on the Pings. Also, I have seen more than one person comment on how the ATV wedges are lower spin compared to other wedges...perhaps this lends more to the theory of more spin from my newer wedges is affecting my distance? I will admit that I never gave myself a chance to get totally in tune with the Clevelands, and I have only hit the Ping wedges 2-3 times at this point, so maybe I will indeed grow accustomed to them. I am definitely not hitting the ball pure in the middle of the club face consistently yet, and have had more than a few shanks and close shanks that hit towards the hosel...probably as a result of my distance frustrations and me swinging too hard. As to what Fireinthehole said regarding setup, this was my first thought as well. I have tried playing the ball actually just behind center on full swings (I almost always played the old wedges right at center), and it hasn't really given me any change in trajectory or distance...just resulted in a few huge slices and shanks while I try to get the club face square faster . I'll see if I can get lie angles checked as well.
  13. Until last month I was playing a set of TM ATV wedges (52, 56, 60) given to me by a buddy. I love the way they play from the fairway, but around the greens they werent too amazing. I had reliable full swing distances of 110, 100, and 90 with the wedges, respectively. Last month I decided to upgrade. I bought a set of Cleveland RTX 2.0 wedges (50, 54, 58) and had the opposite problem. The 54 and 58 were great around the greens, but distance wise I was hitting them 10-15 yards shorter per club on average. Seemed very weird to me given their lofts compared to the ATVs. I sold the Clevelands, and picked up a set of Ping Glide wedges in the same lofts, with no change in results...still 10-15 yards shorter compared to the ATVs. I'm wondering if anyone has had similar loft/distance discrepancy problems when switching between manufacturers, and if you have any recommendations? My iron set is Ping S56 with a PW loft of 47, which I carry about 120. Ideally I'd like a gap wedge in the 50-52 degree range that I can carry 110 to give me consistent gaps between clubs. thanks for any ideas.
  14. hit just about every new driver on the market back in april on a simulator at GolfSmith. Numbers wise, the Cobra Fly-Z+ killed everything, but when I purchasd one and took it to the course it sounded dead and went nowhere...not sure if I got a dead club or if the simulator was misleading. I ended up returning the Cobra for a full refund and picked up the G30 LS with standard shaft...love this club. The sound and feel are just perfection, and for a "low spin" driver it sure is forgiving. Only thing I am not a fant of is the stock 45.75" shaft...way too long for me so I usually choke down by a half inch. have considered getting the shaft shortened to 45.25", but I dont have much experience with this and am unsure if it will affect the club's performance? Also considering just buying a new shaft at my desired length
  15. I am selling a set of the newest Cleveland RTX 2.0 wedges in 50, 54, 58 degrees of loft. They are in the Cleveland Black Satin finish which I think is gorgeous. All clubs are intermediate bounce (2 dots = 10 bounce) with standard wedge flex dynamic gold steel shafts. The clubs are all in like new condition and have only been hit during one round of golf last week. These wedges retail at $129.99 each. I am selling the set for $250 as a whole. If anyone is interested in buying single clubs I'll sell individuals for $90. Please see attached pics and message me with any questions or offers. Thanks Beau
  16. The whole fitting process was very smooth and enjoyable, as well as informative. I currently play Ping S56 irons (4-PW) and a set of Taylormade wedges. The fitting process informed me that I have an excessive gap between the loft of my Ping PW (47) and TM gap wedge (52). I did have to change the shafts to specify KBS tour 90 stiff shafts as it went to default regular flex for me for some reason. Other than that the whole thing was very easy. My current handicap is 16, and dropping. I practice at least once weekly, and try to play at least 2-3x per month, weekly if possible. I do night time emergency medical work, and so typically have lots of down time in which to post reviews . To me, the Hogan name means uncompromising quality and no BS. Growing up, I remember my dad's last new set of irons were Hogan Apex irons. I am so excited that Hogan has opted to list the lofts on their irons rather than club #, very cool idea and something that I wish more companies would do. Thanks for the consideration!
  17. so it appears that I'm not intelligent enough to figure out how to post images...little help?
  18. OK. I figured if anyone was interested they would PM me for pics, but i'll post them here in case it will stimulate interest
  19. bump...these babies are just sitting in my garage waiting for a lucky buyer
  20. I am selling a few of my clubs. Here is a list. Please message me if interested for pictures. Ping Anser Driver, 10.5 degree. Great condition. Aldila NVS 65g stiff shaft, Aldila NV 55g stiff shaft, both included along with tool to change shafts. No head cover. Selling for $125. Bridgestone J40 445 driver, 10.5 degree, project x 6.0 stiff shaft. Great condition, selling for $120. Adams Super S 15 degree fairway wood, stiff shaft (stock). Like new condition, selling for $50. If anyone is interested in purchasing multiple clubs, I will make a package deal. Cost of shipping is not included, if you're interested give me your location and I'll let you know shipping costs. Thanks Beau
  21. I ended up going with the Cobra Amp Cell irons with Lite (senior) flex. Was able to get them in red which is her favorite color...even better, took her to hit them on Christmas day and shes picked up an easy 10-15 yards per club, although I guess this wasn't hard to do given that her previous set was at least 8 years old! She's now hitting her 5 iron as far as she was hitting her 3 hybrid. Also ordered a Bio Cell 3-4 hybrid in the Lite flex, hasn't arrived yet but looking forward to seeing how it performs for her.
  22. Thanks to both of you guys. We did a free fitting for her driver. Ended up going back and forth between a few clubs that had either women's, senior, or stiffer women's flex. Ended up settling on an X2-hot women's driver that had a "womens flex" shaft that was a bit stiffer than the average...far and away she hit it better on the monitor than any of the other clubs she tried. For this purchase, we will likely not be investing the money for a fitting given that she does not play enough to justify the cost (this is also why I'm looking for a lightly used or well loved set rather than a new set for her). I was more interested in anyone's experiences with the clubs I mentioned as far as which ones may or may not be a POS vs which ones are quality clubs Thanks again
  23. Hello! I am currently shopping for a used iron set for my wife for her Christmas present. I was wondering if I could get some input from anyone who may be familiar with the topic. My wife is a good athlete, has a nice golf swing, but being a mom of 2 does not play as much as she would like. Last time we were in getting her swing speed checked for her new driver, the fitter let her know that she would most likely do well with a senior flex shaft, as her swing was a bit too much for a women's shaft. Not sure if this would carry over to her irons or not as we have not gotten her on a monitor with these. She currently plays a very old set of Cobra Women's irons and does fine with them. Sets I've been looking at recently include: Callaway X-hot and X2-hot, TM Speedblade, Cobra Biocell and Fly-Z, Cleveland 588 MT (all women's versions). My plan is to pick up the women's version of whatever irons I settle on and then have them reshafted if necessary (she likes the looks of the women's clubs better). Thanks in advance for any help! Beau
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