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  1. Aldo Rebanal Southern California 9.6 hcp Game Golf (original) the past 3 years.
  2. What's up MyGolfSpy! Thanks for another great oppurtunity. I'm Aldo Rebanal from Long Beach, California and currently use an old Callaway Nikon LR550 Yellow and GolfShot on my Samsung phone. Cheers! Aldo
  3. Aldo Rebanal Southern California 10.4 hcp Z565 9.5*/10.5* Driver ZF65 15.0* 3 wood ZU65 3i Z565 4i - 5i Z765 6i - PW RTX3 Tour Satin 50*, 56*, 60* TFI 2135 Putter 1.0 All in left handed please! Hope I win and thanks. Aldo
  4. Your name, average putts per round and home state Aldo Rebanal, 38, California Your putting stroke type: either straight, arc or slight arc Slight arc (Left handed player) Who you'd like to see take the putt against Mars for inter-galactic domination. Even though I'm not a fanboy I have to say do or die against Mars...Tiger. He's been so far away from contention recently that it's never mattered. But the guy has been Mr. Clutch for the better part of 15 yrs when a putt was needed to win. I currently game the Method Mod 60 so it's disheartening to see the Converge M1-08 is not available to lefties. Oh well I'd be willing to try any other model. Thanks for the chance MyGolfSpy and Nike Golf.
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