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  1. Frank East Amherst, New York Taylor Made Sim Max 10.5 6 99 Tsi2 10.5
  2. First Name/City State - Frank - East Amherst, New York Handicap - 6 Current Model Wedges Played - Vokey SM8 - 54.12 D, 58.12 D What Appeals to You About a Raw Wedge - The ability to add spin to the ball and also the look of a tour type wedge
  3. First Name / State of Residence Frank / NY Current Handicap 7 Current Degree (loft) of Hybrids you use 19, 23
  4. Name - State -Frank - New York Current Handicsp - 9 Current irons being played -Mizuno Hot Metal Pro's 4-PW, GW 7 iron carry distance - 165 I just purchased Glide 3.0 wedges wedge love them. If the irons are close to the wedges in performance that would be an awesome combo ! Thanks for the opprtunity.
  5. First Name/State - FRANK / NEW YORK Handicap - 8 Current Brand Wedges Played - TAYLOR MADE MILLED GRIND Your favorite type of wedge shot - FLOP SHOT
  6. Frank - New York Handicap - 8 / Swing Speed - 98 MPH Current Driver - 10.5 Degree Rogue Sub-zero I would like to try a 10.5 degree Epic Flash Sub Zero with a Hazardous Smoke 5.5 flex. Thank you.
  7. 1.) Frank - East Amherst, NY 2. ) Handicap - 8 3. Current Wedges - Taylor Made Milled grind 4. Your desired set/lofts - 54 and 58
  8. Frank - New York Currently using a Scotty Cameron Futura X I would like to try an Odyssey EXO Seven Model, 34"
  9. Frank New York State Handicap - 8 Current irons - Taylor Made P790 4-PW, AW Shaft - Project X LZ 5.5 IRONS I WOULD LIKE TO TEST - I500 - 4 - PW, UW, RED DOT OR BLACK DOT, STANDARD LENGTH, D-2 SWINGWEIGHT Thanks for the opportunity.
  10. This is the best site for information in the industry. Thanks for all the hard work. Frank - New York Age - 60 Handicap - 8 Iron set make up - Titleist AP3 - 4 -PW, AW with Project X LZ 5.5 flex.
  11. 1.) Frank - New York, USA 2.) Handicap - 8 Driver Swing Speed 99 MPH 3.) Taylor Made 10.5 degree M3 4.) Ping G400 10.5 Tour Regular Thank you again for this great opportunity.
  12. Frank - New York Current Set Make Up : Driver - Callaway Epic Sub Zero 10.5 3 Wood - Callaway Rogue 15 degree Hybrid - Mizuno 19 degree CLK Hybrid Irons - Titleist 718 Ap1 - 4-AW Wedges - Taylor Made Milled Grind 54 and 58 Degree Putter - Scotty Cameron Futura X Current USGA Handicap - 8 Goals for 2018 golf season: 1.) Continue to play golf on a regular basis with my best friends and enjoy the game of golf that I have played on and off since I was 10 years old. 2.) Commit to practice more and focus on lowering my handicap to a 5 or less 3.) Get a putter fitting for the first time ever 4.) Work on my worst golf habit which is I tend to get fast in transition and come over the top slightly 5.) Participate in more club events - win my club invitational for the first time 6.) Try to get a couple of my friends to upgrade their equipment Again, kudos to MGS for another great event !!! You are the best forum going and hopefully I will get chosen to participate in this season long evaluation.
  13. Frank - Upstate New York Looking for a higher spin ball.I have applied for several test programs but have never been chosen for whatever reason. I have used Taylor Made TP balls for the last few years along with the Encore Elixir, Pro V and Pro V X , as well as a few Callaway models. I would love the test the MTB Series. I maintain an 8 handicap and will be traveling to Florida and Texas in the near future so it woiuld be a great chance to test them.Keep up the great work at MGS. I love the site and the reviews.Thanks for the consideration.
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