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  1. I was expecting more questions about PED's but it wasn't pursued. I must agree he handled himself very well. Can't wait to watch him play on Thursday.
  2. This was indeed an interesting topic. I did asked XXIO about this ages ago. IIRC it took him 5 or 6 emails to finish the story. I was then eagerly awaiting for his emails each day.
  3. As the others said, it's easy. I won't be surprised that after doing it you would want to build your own set and eventually bend them to your spec. By the time you realise it, its too late to turn back. Be warned. It happened to me.
  4. I use my carry bag these days. I have a pull cart which I no longer use and a Hill Billy electric trolley which gets some action once in a while.
  5. What do you mean by 'different lie patterns for the longer clubs.?' Were they bent by only 1* or 2*?
  6. I thought I changed but I didn't. I am always in the hunt for good bargains.
  7. interesting. so, this is how they do the Miura irons?
  8. Been reading a lot about S&T lately and just got the book. Will give it a try.
  9. I would have chosen her as well. How I wish I was there.
  10. That's great, Tim. I still have those TM300 miura's I got from you. I shall be looking forward to what Bill H. has to say about this expose'.
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