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  1. Tony Lopez Kennesaw, GA 4.8 index MIura MB001 Nippon 125 X i500 Dynamic Gold 125 S
  2. Tony from Atlanta 4 handicap Feel the FST will help me get that Sergio lag with my irons!
  3. Hello, My current handicap is a 3.9 and I live here in steamy Atlanta, but I travel with my clubs 2 weeks out of the month. This will allow me to test these shafts under various grasses and weather conditions across the country. As soon as these arrive, I will have my repair guru install them is a set of my beloved Ping S-56's, 3-PW. I would be a fair tester as I have been playing the Project X PXi 6.5 so these would be an equal brand against brand comparison of similar shaft attributes and benefits. Given ample time to test these shafts, I can offer a comprehensive review with details on feel, launch angle, distance, look, and overall performance of these shafts. I believe testing under real nationwide on course conditions versus range time, will offer the MyGolfSpy readers a true unbiased opinion on whether to spend our hard earned $$ on the latest from KBS.
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