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  1. Johnny cleveland, OH 460 82-90 depending on back Senior 66 years old play big betha fusion with venture velecore blue 5 regular flex.
  2. Gary ohio Callaway fusion 10.5 Diamana r series stiff Was 12 went up to 15 after fibro diagnosis Was 90 now 84 and about 190. Need a new driver for slower swing speed.
  3. Gary, Ohio 2. 12 Handicap/ 85 mph Driver swing speed. 3. Callaway Fusion 10.5 Stiff 4. G400 Max 10.5 Tour 65 Regular flex Thank you for this awesome opportunity. Good luck to all.
  4. 1) Gary Cleveland Ohio 2) 15 handicap 3) dream bag As far as a dream bag I will let the fitter determine the makeup. Since irons are the weakest part of my game I'm really really interested in the Launcher Hb irons to see if they can help. I was single handicap 10 years ago and a 12 last year, this year age has taken its toll, my problem is distance and letting greens with irons. I sold off my whole bag except for my putters and was going to start over so this would be perfect. If I'm selected I will write a detailed trip report on my experience. Thanks Cleveland and my golfspy for the opportunity.
  5. Gary ohio I have a scotty 5s and ping signa g kinloch both center shaft Would like to see how the 6c stacks up to them
  6. Gary, Ohio 14 D player Mizuno jpx 900 hot metal Never played Wilson
  7. Cleveland Ohio Scotty Cameron Newport Select, Scotty Cameron 5s and 6m Alignment issues On any putts over 5 feet.
  8. Im 65, need distance but need a balls that chips well and putts well. Can't really play the distance balls. I tried them all this year and for me it came down to this order: Vice Pro - the longest of all clubs, little harder feel than the rest but acceptable. Durability other than staining was ok. Costco 4 piece - wow maybe a little longer than the Vice Pro, cheap, harder feel but acceptable. Chrome Soft - great feel ball, best chipping and approach ball of the lot. Not as long as the top 2 but acceptable. Snell MTB - like a cheaper Prov1 - ok but not for me. Wonder who makes it? Prov1 - all around good ball but the price is just stupid. So I will alternate the Vice Pro and Costco next year. I think Titleist, Callaway, etc. are in trouble as the Koreans and Taiwan ball makers have caught up with a product that is just as good in most areas at a significant cheaper price. Titleist ball cash cow is slowing dying as reflected in their less than stunning IPO.
  9. Lead tape is the best way to get it right, if your in the general feel ball park. I agree that putting weight in the hosel just feels weird. I get my swing weight where I want it than I use self-stick tape and wrap it around just below the grip. When I re-grip, if I still have the club, I move it up a tad and put grip over it. When I sell it, take off the lead on the head and grip and no issues. Lead tape rules.
  10. First time I ever had 2 bags. I've assembled and tested all winter inside. Will test on course starting mid-april. Then by May 30, I will sell off the losers to get down to 1 bag. Mizuno Bag 1 Driver Ping: G30 10.5 with 5f3 Chrome + at 45" reg utx Fairway: GBB 4/Heaven with Kuro Kage 50 stiff Hybrids: Mizuno JPX 850 4/5 Tour Spec reg utx Irons: Mizuno JPX 850 6-PW xp105 prosoft/UTX reg utx Wedges: Mizuno s5 50/55/62 with xp115 stiff UTX Putter: V-line CS 35" with belly grip Callaway Bag 2 Driver: Callaway XR16 10.5 stock reg shaft Fairway: Callaway XR 16 3/5 with KK 50 Tini reg Hybrids: Callaway XR 16 OS 4/5 stock reg Irons: Callaway Apex 16 6-aw Recoil 95 reg Wedges: Mac Daddy 3 S grid 56 with modus 120 stiff Putter: Tour Tank 2-ball with lines Other shafts: Ping G30: Diamana B60 reg and R50 series stiff Not sure which head yet. Attas G7 6SR Chrome 6f3 Diamana B60 series stiff
  11. Johnny Thunders Cleveland Ohio 12 Handicap Current Irons: Mizuno JPX 850/XP105/Regular and Callaway CF 16/Recoil 95 Regular Custom Fit: Yes by me. Thanks for the opportunity
  12. Gary "aka" Johnny Thunders" from the the Rock and Roll capital of the USA, Cleveland Ohio Would love to give that Ringo a Roll. Currently using a Odyssey V-Line Big-T
  13. My handicap is 10. I have a Callaway v series 15.5 3 wood with the stock regular shaft. I have a Callaway X2hot 4 wood 17 degree with Diamana Blue Board "orginal" 60 gram shaft in regular flex. I play a Cobra Encore Driver with xCaliber swd050 regular flex shaft.
  14. Couple of thoughts. The "suits" that have outsourced most of US manufacturing to overseas in the search for more profits are not to blame. Companies stock prices are what keeps the "suits" in a job and their comapnies in business. Quarterly profits are king, not long term impacts of business strategies such as moving manufacturing overseas. And the stock holders that support these comapnes are the american public, you and I are. Americans are to blame for the current state of the american economy. If american would stand up to companies and say listen, I support american based manufacturing and I'm not going to buy your products. I will buy american only then will our economy be in much better shape. Problem is people want cheaper products, higher stock prices for their 401k's and really don't take the time to really learn about who they are buying from. Problem with golf equipment as stated is that nothing is manaufactured in the US anymore. I built components for years in the 80/90 and really enjoyed it. Build for alot of other people also. In Newwark Ohio there was Golworks, Dynacraft and in Akron another comapny whose name escapes me and then Golfsmith. Built cheaper and better but now you can't really built cheaper due to the low prices clubs are going for and with all of the fitting programs availalbe better is harder also. Used to be tons of little shops building clubs in northern ohio, none left that I know of.
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