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  1. I can agree that advertising claims should be taken with a grain of salt, but I do believe golf technology has increased distance for each club. Here is an article where they tested different clubs from the 1920s-2009 http://www.milesofgolf.com/blog/golf-clubs/vintage-vs-technology/ They say there have been increases in club head speed, spin, and efficiency, with the largest improvements happening in the last 20 years. Also note this 17 yard figure is only the fairway and TM did not advertise increased distance with last years fairways.
  2. Great idea, I've heard both theories on rust before. Any thoughts on how this could be reliably tested? Feel like this could cause some type of mythbusters style golf club swinging robot.
  3. The R11s are also being given away at: http://www.globalgolf.com/survey/survey.aspx and http://shop.golf.com/contest.aspx I figure if I enter them all I have a much better chance at winning.
  4. Has anyone used the powerchute? It seems like an interesting idea, I'd love to hear an unbiased review. If not the powerchute any recommendations on a training aid to increase swing speed?
  5. $12.99 for a putter and 15 balls shipped! Great find.
  6. Added: the buy now button click through to paypal sandbox so no real purchases can go through anyway.
  7. WARNING!!! The website required my email before I could even see the item or price. You can't view their shipping rate until you create an account. They have no address, phone number, or any other contact info on their website. Their SSL certificate is NOT valid, it's registered for a different website. I'm really concerned that this is just a spam website collecting personal information, has anyone ever purchased from them?
  8. I can seem to get it to work. I wonder how it stacks up to the others: http://www.callawaygolf.com/Global/en-US/Products/GolfBalls/GolfBallSelector.html http://www.titleist.com/golf-ball-fitting/app/ http://www.bridgestonegolf.com/product/ball-selection-guide http://www.globalgolf.com/selector/golfballselector.aspx To me it always just felt like a way to collect email addresses and sell a more expensive ball. Has anyone had a positive experience with any of the many online ball fitting guides?
  9. I entered. I'm pretty sure you can write a review for any product on their website not just the r11.
  10. I just received mine in the mail last night. The unfolding/folding took a few tries to figure out, but overall it's not too hard. The most surprising part for me was how large the cart was when unfolded, the design is pretty amazing.
  11. 10 would beat out Callaway, they are only promising 8. - http://www.callawaygolf.com/Global/en-AU/Products/Clubs/Drivers/DiabloOctaneDriver.html To me that spot was a bit creepy and it didn't really make me want the club, but who knows maybe the message was subliminal and the desire will hit me later.
  12. I find it amusing that they didn't even attempt to remove the watermark. Kind of sad.
  13. http://www.golfshoesonly.com/shoes/closeout/c_gd-2.aspx Get 25% off with code "25offshoes" Sizes seem to be hit or miss, but still some good prices.
  14. Thanks, but now I want one. Anyone know where I can get a good deal?
  15. Well I never acted on it and the deal has passed. I guess I will keep hitting my irons. I'm told it's tough to be fitted for a club if you don't have a consistent swing, so I thought I would need something to start out with, that I can practice with, before buying a professionally fitted driver. Am I wrong?
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