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  1. Since I was given more for money to trade in my Sim Max driver than what I originally paid for it, I decided to pull the trigger on the Mavrik '22, 9 deg w/ stiff flex T800. Will provide feedback after playing a few rounds with it. I got some on Trackman and liked the results. Plus, the feel and feedback was better than Sim Max. The shaft is about 7 grams heavier than the Riptide 50. My fitter felt I needed a shaft in or around the 60g range. So we shall see!
  2. I have tested the driver out previously with the Riptide. I also currently have it in my SIM Max driver, Ti 3 and 5 metals. Nice shaft for sure.
  3. I am starting to see retail golf websites (i.e. Rockbottom, TGW, etc) selling what they say is the "Callaway Mavrik '22 Driver" alongside a "Prior Generation" version. What is the difference between the '22 version and the original '20 version? Only thing I can notice is maybe the stock shaft offering (HZRDUS T800 on '22 compared to Riptide Evenflow on '20). Thank you in advance.
  4. Lee Herman Fort Myers, FL Taylormade Spider (small slant) #3 Please and thank you!
  5. Lee Florida Current putter is Seemore Si5 Choice of the Frontline putter is Cero Single Bend Mallet Looking forward to participating. Plenty of great weather year round to practice in FL.
  6. I love "Testers Wanted" like this... I'm always practicing at a local course with a private 150 yd hitting area, using various types of brands. Especially short game area. So this testing works great. Plus playing 1-2 times a week. Lee, FL Handicap 10 /Swing Speed 87-90 Current Ball - Q-Star Tour & Taylormade (a) Have you previously played the Z Star or XV - Yes, Z-Star
  7. Lee / FL Current putter is Odyssey O-Works Black 3T Choice of EXO model is EXO 2-Ball Special Edition, but if that off the table, the EXO Rossie S. I have plenty of time on my hands right now, so I would love to provide feedback. Thanks!
  8. Lee FL Callaway Epic Sub Zero Driver / Hzrdus T800 6.0 / 55g Current swing speed - 88 Thanks for the opportunity. With having lupus for 6 yrs, I've noticed both my golf fitness and swing speed have declined. Looking to refocus my game and get back into mid 90's again.
  9. Would be a great opportunity to play Ping again with the proper club setup (had i200 with wrong shaft)... Lee FL Current set is Mizuno JPX900HM /4-GW w/Nippon N.S. Pro Modus Tour 105 Reg PING i210 seems to be the better option Thanks for offering
  10. - Lee - FL - current irons are Mizuno JPX900HM / Nippon 105 / Regular flex / 4-GW - 7-iron distance is 145-152 Thank you for this possible opportunity.
  11. - Lee / FL - current handicap is 10 - Current golf ball is previous MTB and Srixon Z Star - MTB Black seems to be best fit Thanks for offering. Looking forward to trying out the new version.
  12. Lee Herman / FL / Handicap - 14 The makeup of your dream Driver - Z 565 Fairway - Z F65 15* Hybrids - Z H65 19* & 22* Irons - Z 565 5-PW Wedges - Cleveland RTX-3 52* 56* & 60* Putter - Cleveland TFI 2135 Cero (34" w/WinPro X grip) Ball - Srixon Z-Star Yellow (just in case I can take some home with me 😉) Srixon/Cleveland bag from putter through driver.
  13. 1. Lee Herman / FL /current handicap - 12-14 2. Cleveland 588 RTX Cavity back 52* (2 dot) Nike VRX3X Toe Sweep 56* & 60*
  14. 1. Lee H. - FL 2. Current handicap is 14 3. The DST Compressor Set can help my ball striking by putting me in the correct impact position on a consistent basis. Constant repetitions of the correct position is just what I need. It will also help me get the backspin that my game is missing...I NEED this in my life!
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