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  2. I love "Testers Wanted" like this... I'm always practicing at a local course with a private 150 yd hitting area, using various types of brands. Especially short game area. So this testing works great. Plus playing 1-2 times a week. Lee, FL Handicap 10 /Swing Speed 87-90 Current Ball - Q-Star Tour & Taylormade (a) Have you previously played the Z Star or XV - Yes, Z-Star
  3. Lee / FL Current putter is Odyssey O-Works Black 3T Choice of EXO model is EXO 2-Ball Special Edition, but if that off the table, the EXO Rossie S. I have plenty of time on my hands right now, so I would love to provide feedback. Thanks!
  4. Lee FL Callaway Epic Sub Zero Driver / Hzrdus T800 6.0 / 55g Current swing speed - 88 Thanks for the opportunity. With having lupus for 6 yrs, I've noticed both my golf fitness and swing speed have declined. Looking to refocus my game and get back into mid 90's again.
  5. Would be a great opportunity to play Ping again with the proper club setup (had i200 with wrong shaft)... Lee FL Current set is Mizuno JPX900HM /4-GW w/Nippon N.S. Pro Modus Tour 105 Reg PING i210 seems to be the better option Thanks for offering
  6. - Lee - FL - current irons are Mizuno JPX900HM / Nippon 105 / Regular flex / 4-GW - 7-iron distance is 145-152 Thank you for this possible opportunity.
  7. - Lee / FL - current handicap is 10 - Current golf ball is previous MTB and Srixon Z Star - MTB Black seems to be best fit Thanks for offering. Looking forward to trying out the new version.
  8. Lee Herman / FL / Handicap - 14 The makeup of your dream Driver - Z 565 Fairway - Z F65 15* Hybrids - Z H65 19* & 22* Irons - Z 565 5-PW Wedges - Cleveland RTX-3 52* 56* & 60* Putter - Cleveland TFI 2135 Cero (34" w/WinPro X grip) Ball - Srixon Z-Star Yellow (just in case I can take some home with me 😉) Srixon/Cleveland bag from putter through driver.
  9. 1. Lee Herman / FL /current handicap - 12-14 2. Cleveland 588 RTX Cavity back 52* (2 dot) Nike VRX3X Toe Sweep 56* & 60*
  10. 1. Lee H. - FL 2. Current handicap is 14 3. The DST Compressor Set can help my ball striking by putting me in the correct impact position on a consistent basis. Constant repetitions of the correct position is just what I need. It will also help me get the backspin that my game is missing...I NEED this in my life!
  11. 1. Lee, FL 2. Current handicap is approximately 12-14 3. Longest iron comfortable hitting is 6 iron (please help) Thanks for another great product testing opportunity. You guys rock!
  12. Lee H. - FL Hdcp - 12 Current driver - Callaway X2Hot w/ Speeder 565 shaft Current driver swing speed - 90 Thanks for another great contest offering.
  13. Always been curious about this brand. 1. Lee H., FL 2. Your current handicap - 12 3. Your current ball - 2016 Srixon Z-Star (and Q-Star) 4. How many rounds per month do you play? 3
  14. - Lee - FL - 88mph swing speed - Current driver is Callaway x2Hot with Speeder 565 Stiff flex Thanks for the opportunity. I've owned MX23 JPX800 irons and a couple wedges in the past but got away from playing Mizuno woods. This would be a great chance to see what they have now.
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