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  1. Clayton Sully, Portland, Oregon, USA I walk every round with the exception of an annual Ryder Cup style tournament we have named “The Battle in Bend (previously “OPG” for over par guys), which constitutes 5 days and 8 rounds in Central Oregon. My current “whip” is a clicgear 8.0+, and in a typical year, 70 plus rounds are played! Several partners have electric push carts ranging from BatCaddy to the Alphard modification on their clicgear carts! Appreciate the work MGS puts in!
  2. Jay, 15.3 handicap Vancouver, WA Never played a Wilson club TaylorMade rsi2, kbs your stiff
  3. Your Handicap 12.0 Your State/Province Washington Your Swing Speed & Average Carry Distance 102/ 245 Your Preference (F7 or F7+) F7+
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