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  1. Tiger dumps Stevie by Derek on July 20, 2011 Tiger announced on his website today that he was ending his working relationship with his caddie of 12 years, Steve Williams. I can't say that nobody had speculated this might happen after Stevie started looping for Adam Scott while Tiger rehabs his knee, but it's still quite a surprising development in the Tiger Woods saga. It certainly caught Stevie by surprise: Looks like the big winner in all of this is Adam Scott, who is getting a full-time caddy with a ton of experience at winning majors. Could this move b
  2. It was apparently a pretty small fracture. I suspect that he's not even on crutches. If it was a clean break, I'm sure that it would take quite a bit longer to heal.
  3. Levet tweeted this morning that he will be out for the next 4-6 weeks, missing the British Open. No, it's not tradition to jump into the lake after winning the French Open. Levet was just caught up in the moment after becoming the 3rd Frenchman to win their national championship in the past 3 decades.
  4. http://72strokes.com/2011/07/garriguss-reveals-drug-use-in-golf-digest-interview/ Garrigus's reveals drug use in Golf Digest by Derek on July 4, 2011 If you haven't had a chance yet to head over and read Robert Garrigus's interview in the latest Golf Digest, I highly recommend it. Not only is it an interesting look at a player that doesn't exactly fit the mold on the PGA Tour, it contains some very controversial revelations about drug use on tour. I can't say that I'm the biggest fan of Mr. Bassaholic, but I do admire his willingness to call it how he sees it. He's
  5. http://72strokes.com/2011/06/what-a-story-the-winner-is-rory/ What a story! The winner is Rory! by Derek on June 19, 2011 Alright, I'm a believer. After the Masters, I wasn't sure if McIlroy was the real deal or not. I don't think anybody has any doubts about that after witnessing one of the most dominant performances in US Open history. No I don't think it's a better performance than Tiger in 2000, but it's damn close. Here's the thing about Rory. By all accounts, he's a very friendly, engaging, and humble young man. He doesn't take issue with being asked tough questio
  6. http://72strokes.com/2011/06/apparently-playing-golf-on-the-pga-tour-is-pretty-hard-who-knew/ Apparently playing golf on the PGA Tour is pretty hard. Who knew? Kip Henley spends a lot of time inside the ropes at PGA Tour events, but usually he's caddying for Brian Gay. However earlier this year Henley won the Tennesee PGA Section Championship, which qualified him for a spot in the field this week at the St. Jude Classic. Henley decided to accept the spot in the field and test his game against the best in the world. He shot 78-82 to miss the cut by… well a lot. Ric
  7. http://www.golfchannel.com/news/golftalkcentral/woods-gave-stevie-the-go-ahead-to-caddie-for-scott/?cid=facebook_gc_TIGEROKSTEVE_061111
  8. http://72strokes.com/2011/05/is-tiger-hostile-to-the-media-or-vice-versa/ Is Tiger hostile to the media or vice versa? by Derek on May 24, 2011 You may have heard that Tiger held a press conference today for his upcoming AT&T National golf tournament. It was Tiger's first appearance since his WD from the Players Championship after 9 holes and naturally, people were interested to hear if he was planning on playing at Congressional next month (shocker alert: He is). However the press conference took an interesting turn before it even started when Tiger posted the
  9. http://72strokes.com/2011/05/tiger-wds-from-the-players-championship/ Tiger WD's from the Players Championship by Derek on May 12, 2011 After shooting a 42 on the front nine, Tiger Woods withdrew from the Players Championship this morning, citing pain in his left leg. “The knee acted up and then the Achilles followed after that, and then the calf started cramping up,” said Woods, who triple-bogeyed the par-4 fourth hole and made three bogeys and no birdies. “Everything started getting tight, so it's just a whole chain reaction. He's had 4 surgeries on h
  10. Allegedly the issue was slow play. O'Hair is a slow player. Supposedly Sabbatini asked O'Hair if he thought slow play was a problem. O'Hair said that he though Sabbatini was the problem and that being paired with him was the equivalent of a 2 shot penalty to his playing partners. Apparently Sabbatini didn't react well to that. If it's true, it sounds like Sabbatini was frustrated with the slow pace of play and O'Hair was frustrated with his game as of late and things just got out of hand.
  11. http://72strokes.com/2011/05/whos-the-best-putter-on-the-pga-tour/ Who's the best putter on the PGA Tour? by Derek on May 4, 2011 The best putter on Tour is John Merrick. No you haven't seen his name on top of many leaderboards and he only has one top 25 finish this year. In fact, his best ever finish was a 2nd place in 2009. But he's the best putter so far this year on Tour. You might say “He's only 57th in putts per round.” True, but he's leading the PGA Tour's new putting statistic, “Strokes Gained – Putting“. Strokes Gained – Putting was introdu
  12. http://72strokes.com/2011/04/did-adam-scott-make-long-putters-cool/ Did Adam Scott make long putters cool? by Derek OK, maybe long putters aren't cool, but it does seem that Adam Scott has at least made long putters an acceptable option for players that previously wouldn't consider one. Lee Westwood put one in play at the Masters. Ernie Els is reportedly thinking about bagging one this week at the Verizon. Nathan Greene and Camilo Villegas are right there with him (even though Greene thinks they should be illegal). Bill Haas is also apparently considering making the
  13. Na managed to keep his tee shot in play today on the 9th. He hit it into the right hand rough, which I'm sure caused a momentary flashback as he saw the ball moving right. He made par, but his 77 didn't get him anywhere near making the cut.
  14. They've just released a brown saddle at $159. They will be offering the all-brown stealth model at $199 next month, as you mentioned. I'm with TW, you're the first person I've ever heard of mentioning that their lie angles changed due to the shoes. I don't doubt you, but I think you're probably outside the norm here. I'm not exactly a hack (I don't maintain a handicap but I can break par) and have not had any problem with the lie angles moving from a pair of Adipures. They're definitely low to the ground, but I can't see them being that much lower. I'm traveling in Texas this week and
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