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    MSU Spartan Basketball & Football; Tampa NFL & NHL; kayaking and slow pontoon boat rides around our lake in Michigan.
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  1. I’m using V3 mostly for GPS convenience, since PING and Arccos teamed to offer a free set of screw-in tags based on only my purchase and registration of a lightly used G400 driver. My G425 Driver/7W/4H have Arccos grips. While Arccos offers better long range data collection to help me lower my average score, my V3 is THE most convenient way to get my distance to front/ center/back of green.
  2. Dan from Dimondale, Michigan I currently bag the PING CRAZ-E G2i 33” I would really like to test the Let’s have because I really like the line, color and shape alignment aids designed into the CRAZ-E and feel the shape and 3 lines of the Ketch will work best for me. I am a pretty good putter from 20’ in and from any distance on slow-to-moderate speed greens, but struggle with distance control from long range on fast greens... I’m looking to test a firmer faced face balanced mallet.
  3. Dan Dimondale, MI #1 on My Bucket List: Shoot my age before I have to play it forward to the Red Tees! I have been playing golf for nearly 60 years. I have NEVER had an official handicap, but I still hit several great shots every round... and a handful of simply dreadful ones OB or Lost Ball). I will turn 70 a couple of days after you pick me! Driver - Launcher HB 3 wood - Launch HB Hybrid - Launcher HB Irons. - CBX 5 - 9 Wedges - CBX Putter. - TFI 2135
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