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  1. Love Cleveland putters. But several scientific studies have shown face milling/pattern does nothing to effect performance, only feel
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  4. My buddy, former state AM champ, D1 golfer, mini tour player, D1 coach, now senior exec at an OEM, used to play with a 28” 54* wedge. It was his young son’s, one day he fooled around with it pitching one handed, and found he was lights out. So he played it. Added benefit was it really messed with his opponents in money games
  5. Still looking? I think I have one
  6. A few thoughts- golfworks has several very high quality putter heads 370+ Gms. https://www.golfworks.com/heads/c/10001/filter/100000000159eq100000000315/ If you add a hosel adapter it’ll get you over 400, and still be face balanced. Use a longer straight shaft and a CB super stroke and it’ll fit your needs. They’ll build it for you they also have blades near 400. I have one (ptm4) with a cb grip I’m looking to sell cheap if interested
  7. ASICS hands down. They really feel like running shoes but with firmer soles, great support
  8. I hope your hospital administrators are members of this forum. And i hope you didn’t bump a patient to do this. Or is it your own CT scan?
  9. Graphite Design ys six nanoreload stiff, 44” 335 tip. One time pull $45
  10. I have a golfworks Moment x putter that I made as an armlock. Let me know if interested.
  11. Nat Robin Birmingham, Alabama TM Spider Tour (red) Either 1 or 2, thanks
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  13. All stock, in very good condition $65 shipped OBO
  14. My 25 yo son plays a tour issue classic XL 9.5*. He has a swing speed 125+, and it works really well for him. It’s not the most forgiving, he sprays it some, but that is more user operator. When he catches it it goes 300 on a perfect trajectory
  15. Ive been using the M+ wedges for several years. I’m a 3 hndcp, always loved Maltby stuff, currently play KE4 Tour+ irons. I also have a friend with Cleveland golf and have used every Cleveland wedge. While Cleveland makes tremendous wedges, I prefer the M+ series. I had the 54* black, now The 54* yellow (mid) . It is a very reliable club from the fw and rough. I think because the head is heavier it flies a tad short of other 54* wedges ive used, but spin, consistency, and trajectory are all excellent. i also have used the 60* red (widest sole). Now use the 58, bent to 59* yellow. Phenomenal sand wedge. Best ive ever use. Also a good sand player and good for anything inside 70 yds. I’m not very good chipper though, the wider sole helps
  16. Glad to hear you’ve escaped Chicago. Hope youre well.
  17. If youre open to components I have a golfworks KE4 TC driver, Maltby UL shaft. Terrific set up I built for a buddy who decided to go a diff direction
  18. I built this putter for my son because it looked and felt great, and he likes heavier putters. After a horrid putting day 81 with 40 putts) I decided to put it in play. Next round I got lightening-ed out after 14, but had 20 putts +1. I have a straight back straight thru stroke, but for some reason this works. I see the line better, and feel completely confident I can start the ball on line. Heavier head weight smooths out the stroke and provides forgiveness. For $99 it is a steal IMO as it is everybit the putter a bettanardi or Scotty is
  19. Nat, Birmingham Alabama 55 years old, 3.6 hncp 5-GW Golfworks KE4 tour+, nippon 950 GH regular, +1/2”
  20. Please pick me! I'm looking to move on from my cobra F6 Swing speed ~95, hncp 5 I can play any configuration, would prefer 9.5 or 10.5 regular
  21. Small scratch on crown Loft is 18.5* and adjustable Head alone with adaptor $32 shipped I can put in a regular or stiff shaft for $45 shipped
  22. I had the opportunity to try out the driver with a 39 gm shaft. The tag is that it doesn't feel like a 39 gm shaft, something to do with balance point, and it is true. Has a much better feel than most 60 gm shafts IMO. A local college player has a bag full of CG16s, Mashies, and a 310. They look nice to me, and play just fine for him.
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