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  1. Took the plunge and bought one, only £70 new and the workmanship is brilliant. Used on the couse today and like it not much longer than the Cleveland but way more accurate for me, Which is what counts. Came with a Alidia VS proto stiff shaft whish I like my Dad has it on his Driver and I've allways liked the feel of his. No-one has really heard of the brand over here in the UK but I'll be looking at the again for woods and hybrids.
  2. I voted other as I'm not brand loyal. Use a Bobby Jones Workshop EDition Driver, Titleist 904f 4 wood, Cleveland XLS hybrid, Titleist 775cb irons 4-PW, Titleist and Cleveland wedges, and a Dave Whitlam putter. But I do like Bridgestone I use their balls, and I'm thinking Of changing to their Irons after trying some J36 Blades a year ago, but will go for the J38 cb afer trying some if they feel as good.
  3. Has anyone had any experiance with the Bobby Jones Workshop Edition Driver? I'm wondering how these preform compered to some of the other big brands. I currently use a Cleveland Launcher 09 10.5% with the regular Fujikura Fit On shaft. They also seem guite cheap comprerd to other dirvers. Thanks
  4. I'm from the UK and owm a Whitlam Hummer " putter but I'm looking to buy a Whitlam 92014 style putter. On thier UK website it says they are out of stock, and have contacted them to ask if they will be getting any more but no reply. Could anyone give any advice on where to get one? Thanks
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