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  1. This post is a bit of an experiment for me to see if I can post a video on a post on MyGolfSpy. I have a video done by David Marsh recommending that we improve our chipping by practicing chipping standing only on our left (forward) leg. The idea is to improve our ball striking when we are chipping and therefore our chipping accuracy. If all goes well, watch David's video below. If this improves your chipping let me know, and always Play Golf For Fun. Sorry, I can't seem to make it work.
  2. Tom Petri's golf opinion article in my newspaper today had a similar title. His was, "If You Think You 'Got It', It May Get You'. He writes that the three most dangerous words a golfer can utter are, "I've got it". Meaning that the golfer feels like he has finally figured out the golf swing, and he now has it down pat. Every golfer who has played golf for more that a couple of years has had moments like this when he or she is sure that finally he or she has "got" the golf swing. However, he or she has learned to their sorrow that it is not true and usually the next round of golf after this m
  3. Several weeks ago my golf pro asked me go swing the Power Chute. He said to swing it six or eight times. I did so and noted that it created real resistance to my swing, but I could swing through this resistance. Then he handed me my driver and asked me to swing it. Without trying I swung my driver so hast it almost flew out of my hands and I had trouble staying on my feet. I couldn't believe it. The idea is to swing the Power Chute 6 to ten times a day for a period of time, and it will cause you to increase your golf swing speed dramatically. I believe it will take at least a month, but i
  4. Unfortunately, with the time difference it is hard to watch as much of the Ryder Cup matches as I would like to. However, considering that the Europeans were heavily favored, I think we have to feel like the U.S. put on a valiant effort. Unfortunately, we were short one tied match from hanging on to the cup. Of course, you can always find that half point we should have won somewhere. Anyway it seems to me the two teams are really close in talent. I am looking forward to the U.S. winning at home next time. Don McCobb
  5. We've finally got a Ryder Cup week. I am looking forward to see if the U.S. can handle the Euro hot shots. The odds are against it, but I think they U.S. can make a tournament out of it. Let's see!
  6. After the smoke had cleared and Jim Furyk had won the Fedex Cup, I wondered what sand wedge Jim played so brilliantly. So I checked on Google, and found Jim carries three Srixon wedges in his bag. If I heard it correctly, during the Eastlake tournament, Jim hit nine green side bunker shots, and saved par nine times. And the last one was not only the best, but it was a blind shot because Jim was too low to see the green. Talk about a $10,000,000 shot. That was it.
  7. I said before that I thought that the winner of the Fedex Cup had a good chance to be player of the year so I go with Jim Furyk. I believe he also won two other events. Phil would normally be a good candidate because he won the Masters, but his play has been so spotty since then, I don't think he deserves it.
  8. I am sure you have always wondered what golf clubs would have been in your golf bag in 1862. Well, it would probably have been very much like this. The names of your clubs would have been play-club, long-spoon, mid-spoon, short-spoon, gaffing-spoon, driving-putter, putter, sand-iron, cleek and niblick. The last three have iron heads and the others wood heads. In some links the mid-spoon, baffing-spoon, driving-putter and niblick may be not be used, but in links such as St. Andrews, Prestwick and others you would probably have this whole set. These clubs have the following uses:
  9. I post every day on my blog, http://golfnutsandbolts.com. Check it out.

  10. Obviously the Fedex winner will have a leg up on player of the year if he has done well in the majors or maybe a couple of other tournaments. However, as of today, I like Dustin Johnson.
  11. We probably all agree that Dustin shouldn't have grounded his club. Also, his caddy should have been on it also, and asked if Dustin was in a bunker. We all hate to see these things happen, but there is no question that everyone has to adhere to the rules. Don McCobb
  12. I was really happy to see that Bubba, Dustin and Matt Kuchar qualified for our Ryder Cup Team. After so many years of seeing the same guys playing, lately we are seeing the young guns make the team. In my view it adds a lot of spirit to the team. First of all these guys can really play. Secondly they have the enthusiasm to win. We'll be rooting for them. Don McCobb
  13. How about Matt Kuchar leading the PGA after two days. He may not win it, but it is great to see new faces leading major tournaments. I wish him well. Don McCobb
  14. I love my STX putter. It is a Green Plus VIII. I bought it a year and a half ago after dropping my old putter into a lake. I only paid $80 for it, and that was the retail price. However, it seems it was made in China, and it soon showed shabby construction. Very soon the leather grip began to peel and eventually the outside cover peeled off. In addition the chrome on the shaft is peeling off to the point it looks as though it's twenty years old. Of course, I put a new grip on it, but can't do much with the shaft. I still love the putter because of its weight and feel so would not
  15. Some years ago the golf handicap system was changed. The reason expressed for the change was that the then handicap system was too complicated for golfers to understand. The old handicap system was calculated on the best ten of a golfer's last twenty scores based as is the current system. Both systems adjust for unusually high scores on any one hole. The old system never counted strokes over a double bogie. And there was a limit of how many double bogie's were counted depending on the golfer's handicap. I don't remember exactly how many double bogie's were counted, but for example a golf
  16. I'm sure a lot of us are glad to see that Tiger will be playing next week at Firestone. I am sure he must be working on his game, and the more he plays the better he should get. Let's see if he can get himself into contention. Don McCobb
  17. I read in the paper that Cory Pavin is planning to talk to Tiger about the Ryder Cup Team. It seems that unless Tiger can earn some point between now and the season end, he may not make the team. Presumably Corey wants to talk to Tiger about he would want to be chosen as a captain's pick or not. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Don McCobb
  18. I have no idea, but would be willing to bet it won't be Nike. We all recall when he belittled Tiger for his choice of Nike and what Phil claimed was inferior equipment. Somehow I can imagine someone like TaylorMade. Cheers, Don McCobb Play Golf For Fun
  19. Ian Poulter is a guy who like to talk. He also said once that in a couple of years it would be Tiger and him dominating the golfing world. Based on the accuracy of that, I don't think the U.S. golfers have much top worry about. Having said that it is true that they sure had a dismal showing last weekend. I sometimes think they are fair weather golfers, and can't handle severe conditions. Don McCobb Play Golf For Fun
  20. dcmccobb


    A year ago I was standing on the edge of a green and at the same time on the edge of a wall which boarded a water hazard. I had my putter in my hand as well as my pitching wedge. I found my ball right on the edge of the wall, and dropped my putter to hit my shot. You guessed it, when I dropped my putter it fell into the water hazard. Goodbye putter! That afternoon I went putter shopping, and ended up by a STX. It has a straight shaft which enters the mallet club face in the center. It is heavy for a putter, but has a great feel. I love it. My friends keep kidding me that I should take a s
  21. Well we all know now that yesterday, Tiger switched back to his Scotty. He had two birdies the first four holes. However, we'll just have to see what he does the next time out.
  22. Paul Goydos deserves kudos for his 59 he shot last Thursday. I believe it is only the 3rd in a tournament. He may not win the Deere Classic the way Steve Stricker is playing, but none the less it is an amazing achievement. Don McCobb Play Golf For Fun
  23. Hard for me to imagine that this band would sell putters even though it didn't cost an arm and a leg. Seems like a complete waste. Don McCobb Play Golf For Fun
  24. I was reading a book published in London in 1911 called, Tee Shots and Others, by Bernard Darwin. He tell of two players who couldn't settle on how many strokes difference between them. One player wanted six while the other was offering five. As a result they settled on four bisques. A bisque in those days was equivalent to one stroke, but the receiver of bisques could only claim a bisque on a hole after they had finished it. Considering the psychology of when to claim a bisque is fascinating. Do you use up your bisques early or do you hang on to at least one to use late in the match?
  25. I have a hard time understanding how anyone can want more than one putter. I love the one I am using (Now) and wouldn't consider using another. It's a STX Greeny Plus VIII. It has a straight shaft which enters the mallet head in the middle. It is a bit heavy, but has a great feel. You need to use a pendulum swing for it to be effective, but it is really great.My link
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