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  1. Very Callaway FT'ish if you ask me. Guess they are out of options.
  2. I can give it a whirl. I'm sure I can hit it pretty straight...and probably be able to throw a couple good sentences together.
  3. banistr


    It looks different because this is a driver that Adams has been working on for over a year. It was such a great idea, and Taylor Made is out of new ideas...so Mark King picked up the phone and had them hand it over. True story...I can't even make this $h(T up..
  4. It was probably just his ITunes library....Taylor Made just flexing their muscles because they are pissed. I'd be pissed too if I just lost the three best employees I had, but thats what they get for saying they were going to make Adams their "Super Senior" line...ha I'll brb...gonna run down and buy some new Callaway stuff...
  5. The new Fast 12LS is EVERY bit of low spin that the 9015 was. I wouldn't worry about your old shaft either because the new stock Fubuki is WAY better than the old Matrix. However, if your just dead set on playing that shaft, it can easily be removed and added to the new tip that comes with the F12.
  6. The Fubuki Alpha is 100% real....Smoking deal if you ask me. If you wanna pay the $250 up charge from the other OEMs then by all means go right ahead. I think its awesome that Adams is offering (and has been) high end shafts in the equipment without the high up charges.
  7. After playing these for a few weeks, I can honestly say I'm making a switch. I was thrilled when my F11 finally kcked my 9015 out the bag, but this thing is every bit as good as the F11 and it comes with adjustability. I'm not one that likes to alter my clubs either, but I like the fact that you can change shafts if needed. Kuddos to Adams for the matte silver too....who ever thought of that was a genius
  8. Yea...Severe side hill lie from 270 yards out. Made eagle...Just Saying!!
  9. Here'a couple more pics... It's a cannon BTW
  10. Better pics...and finally a pic of the stock shaft for the LS.
  11. Prolaunch going in NON LS version. The LS version will have a "real" Fubuki Alpha...or so I was told.
  12. You do have a point...The 9015, 9032, and 9064 were low spinners and geared towards the better players and now the Fast 12 will be a SUPER LOW SPIN driver. But in my opinion they have ALL been hitable. I'm a +1 handicap and I switched from the 9015 to the F11 now for the past 4 months or so and LOVE IT. BUT...after hitting the new Fast 12, I can't wait to get one. It was easily 10-15 yards longer than my gamer. Oh...and this will come stock with a "REAL" (not watered down) Fubuki Alpha...haha Not bad getting a $300 shaft in a $299 driver huh?
  13. They are way easier to hit than you'd think...
  14. I know the frequent releases might be confusing for the consumer. However, what Adams has done with its product releases is pioneer new technology and club design that other companies are now following. Adams is at the forefront and has been for many years with innovations like aerodynamic shaping of drivers, hybrids for every skill level, hybrid integration within iron sets, lightweight drivers, velocity slot technology for spring-like effect in fairway woods, on and on. For them to compete in the industry they must lead and not follow. And really, the new product introductions are always tar
  15. I've seen this driver in person and the interchangable weight is mainly for adding weight to the head accoding to what length your playing your driver. It's not an interchangable system like Taylor Made has with 27 different set ups. I really like the sole changes they have made...looks much less busy as opposed to the the Fast 10& 11 models. The matte silver/gray crown looks alot like the orginal Peanuts which is a BONUS. The is a LOW SPIN MONSTER too....even lower than the 9015D and the 9064!!! I think they nailed this one.
  16. Here's a set thats going in the bag for a trial run....
  17. FS- Set of Miura wedge heads in GREAT condition. The set consists of 3 heads - 52* 56* and 60* (Bent to 61) and has bonly been used for 4 rounds of golf and has NO major dings or wear to the heads. I purchased these built.... from Ken @ Victory Custom Golf for $175 a piece. I can also put the KBS shafts back into them at no charge if needed. Looking for $275 OBO Shipped and Paypal'd for the set.
  18. Everything I own is for sale... Feel free to shoot me an offer.
  19. The thing with damascus is: 1) Its hard to make...which makes it about 3X more expensive to buy raw than normal carbon steel 2) Its hard to find someone that makes quality damascus. 3) No really likes messing with it because of #1 and #2 above. Also just an FYI...Cameron's first damascus putter brought in a supposedly $40K and Tad Moores original damascus sold in the $8K rnage (twice) Byron's 1/10's have brought in prices in the $2-3K range.
  20. The Putters are for sale....and will be listed on ebay soon. If anyone is interested in one of these...feel free to shoot me a reasonable offer. Joe
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