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  1. In the big scheme of things this thread isn't all that significant. It's a putter shoe, that's it. It's got a controversial symbol on it – some people find it acceptable (most of the folks posting here do), some don't (me). I'll spare you the history lesson and the counter arguments to posts above. Providing people history lessons on the internet, while perhaps well intentioned, comes across as condescending. It assumes I do not know how to use google, or like in my case, that I haven't been teaching US History for the past decade. I enjoy reading opinions and sharing thoughts and ideas. But I'm not much for argument, or debates that I know won't convince anyone to change any of their ideas. So why post this if I am not trying to convince anyone of anything, who cares then. Probably very few people – this is mostly a selfish post on my end. It's for me to say thanks for affording me the fun time I've been able to have on this site for a pretty long time, and explain why I won't be back. Even when folks disagree with a member (like me) no one really piled on or attacked, I appreciate that. The conversation was civil the entire time. That type of dialogue is almost non-existent on the internet. This particular thread though left a bad taste in my mouth. You are probably thinking it's the history lesson that rubbed me the wrong way, or the explanations for why I have interpreted the symbol incorrectly. Nope, that wasn't it. You'll notice that for a good bit of time there Rookie had the last word. It's his thread, figured what the heck. Say what you want. Here is what did it, a couple of additional members then posted (as it's well within there right to) and expressed their admiration of the putter shoe. Nuanced details being what they are, in my brain we are now expressing support for the symbol on it – not the fine quality of the stitching. We've been talking a lot about how to grow the game and be more welcoming – golf hasn't lost a player, but the message board has. I'll leave you with a fact about how this symbol makes me feel – not welcome. It's a powerful symbol, and there is one thing we can't debate and that's how it makes me feel. The fact a symbol I personally have such a hard time with has been so strongly well received on here caught me off guard. And that's ok, I'm allowed to be caught off guard. Happens with lots of my shots on the golf course! Take care gentleman.
  2. I like that finish. Maybe it's the picture (or my iPad) but it makes it look almost like polished granite. Pretty cool.
  3. I couldn't duplicate that if I tried. But I hear ya. Was just curious.
  4. Cool! Thanks for sponsoring this Ace!
  5. Here's what we do to small executive courses. http://www.dailybreeze.com/general-news/20111117/new-porsche-experience-center-planned-on-site-of-carson-golf-course
  6. I apologize for the fact that I have created a negative vibe on this thread.
  7. Could be crazy dangerous. There is such a wide range of drones out there, from kids toys to honest to goodness reconnaissance grade products. Hobbyists will find ways of making them even more capable, hopefully not so capable that it forces the hand of local and national agencies.
  8. Wow, you were able to hit the green and hold it 60% of the time over 25% with a shot that was lower and with less spin. Please don't take this as me doubting you (sometimes the written word can come across wrong). I'm wondering how you were able to be this much better with what I would assume would result in less green holdiness (low with less spin)
  9. He's a fan favorite and it's unfortunate that they don't get to see something they would have liked.
  10. A position of privilege indeed to belong to a group where the flag does not offend you. I won't debate with anyone the flags merits, origins, or pop culture inclusions. Less will I debate Bubba Watsons car as proof positive that it is no longer a symbol of racism. It's not my putter or putter cover. But it was posted here for us to see and I shared my feelings.
  11. I love executive courses, and so does my wife. As it's been mentioned above they are fun, accessible to kids and recreational players (looking maybe to make the jump to playing more often), you play quick and it opens up a few creative opportunities like Rev was saying about using no tees for instance. We play one close by where we only take 2 clubs (including a putter) and you have to be really creative.
  12. I'll buy the accuracy and maintenance. But a small screen used enough juice to prohibit the cart from making one more loop. Wow! I wouldn't of guessed it used that much energy.
  13. Unreal, how is a polymer finish done. This goes way past a shine and polish on a putter which is all I'm capable of.
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