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  1. Dangit! iPhone!! I meant to add after the quote that, that was hilarious!!
  2. He has a gold necklace with a gold name plate that says HAMMER! I spot a new more awesome thing each time I look this over. Right hand in the air, I swear - if enough people knew the reference I think I would unbutton my polo to the last button and rock that necklace.
  3. I have never seen this commercial - it is indeed as awesome as it has been described. Two things, first its good to finally find out what the guy that voice overs the monster truck ralley commercials does as his side gig. Something I've always wondered about. Secondly, I don't even know how to convey this thought using words. The yelling of pow, boom, wham, yah! with each drive. Priceless you have to watch this. Was that something they felt would help sell the driver? I would have loved to have been present at the table where this infomercial was being workshopped.
  4. I like it a lot! When my current one wears out I'd check out that white and black one. Or if they are thinking of a black and yellow that would also be a contender.
  5. Hey rookieblue, I read in a post somewhere on here that you did an acetone wash on the dots to sort of smooth em out. I gave that a shot the other day and pretty much the paint fill got worse. Im obviously doing it wrong. However, I did get a pretty good tip at the hobby store. I put a few drops of isopropyl alcohol into the paint and then did the paint fill. It came out pretty dang spot on to the factory job. Have you tried that out?
  6. Like many of the previous posts, I'm not loyal to one brand throughout my bag. I have taylormade woods, callaway irons, Cleveland wedges and a titleist putter.
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