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  1. I try to play about a round a week, so about 40 rounds or so. Current handicap: 0.3 Current putter: Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport 2.
  2. Jordan, California / United States Epon Zero, Tour AD DI 7x Callaway ft9 tour authentic, white board, 73x Adams Launch Lab, Ahina, 70x Swing speed 110-115 Average carry 280-290
  3. Anyone every heard of Shinagawa? They are located in Himeji, Japan, along with Miura, Fujimoto, and ikasu (I think? not 100% on this last one...). Unlike brands like Miura, every single club they make is hand ground by the very humble Shinagawa San. I was told this super rare gold plated version is often used for gifting in Asian countries like China and Korea. Also let me know if anyone wants to see some other cool and rare JDM stuff.
  4. what's with the penta golf ball boxes? they are not the long kind in stores...
  5. neither one of the companies offer after market shafts without a up charge, the razr tour does have a longer head but the 910 have a better sound and feel.
  6. but ping does make the great feeling irons that are not forged, the s56 and s57 are outstanding, even though i play the mp-58s my self, but i feel like that i get more feed back from the pings, and i am not a fan of the anser forged.
  7. the writing is either chinese or japanese, it means "finished"
  8. AHHHHHH sh*t! i was just gonna get the Fast12LS, then i see this thing... looks great... more things on my list to choose from... to me the face design is amazing, the look from address is classic and plain, no line across the top nor the callaway sign, just great! good job callaway!!!
  9. one thing! if it doesn't look good better players wont even look at it!
  10. i have asked club builders, they are real. i dont really care anyways because i only use the DI-7x that i love and the project X shaft on the bridgestone j40 driver is also real they are not big enough company to make their own "fake" shafts like taylormade or titleist.
  11. my adidas adipure series are really nice! they are really soft on the inside i do love them a lot!!
  12. I am pretty sure that the radix shaft in the 9088ul is real, its just a cheaper one that's all and the correct color is baby blue, adams driver never uses made for shafts
  13. i just went on thay site... and saw the reviews they was like all written by the same person...
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