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  1. Hey everyone. i got the putter in last week and i've been spending a lot of time with it. its definitely a very different feel from my previous putters but WOW... i love it. It took me about a day to get used to the feel of the insert. And from what im noticing it really does correct well. When you hit off center the balance of the putters makes a very different feel, but its hardly noticeable in the distance the ball travels toward the cup. I just ordered a new putting green (birdieball putting green) for the simulator room im building in my attic so I will definitely be using it even more on
  2. im waiting impatiently for it to arrive...
  3. yeah he was responding to the emails personally.
  4. I asked him where i could find one and he said the website... which there aren't, so i let him know. The next email was a paypal request from him. It worked out really nicely actually.
  5. so i ordered one directly from bobby grace... amazing guy... ill let you guys know more about it once i get it
  6. So i emailed him.. and their almost sold out! jeez... but they will have more in april 10th...
  7. any updates guys?! still havent seen any where to buy these online yet...
  8. i would say that im totally brand washed... i have ping everything... and i love it...
  9. thanks for your help and quick responses sactown!
  10. I'm not a bad putter. In general I do pretty well for myself. I've looked at the website and watched the videos with the robot. It looks like a great system and i think a really nice insert. I've read that some people have issues with the insert reacting unfavorably if its hit too centered sending the balling flying. I haven't seen a place to purchase them yet other then my pro shop. i guess its because its so new
  11. Hey everyone! I was at the proshop the other day picking up stuff and I was showed the new Triumph putter. I REALLY liked the feel and weight of the putter. It moved very evenly in my hands. really great for pendulum motion. Just wanted to get peoples opinions on the putter more. I didnt get to spend much time with the putter but will likely go back to look at it again. I havnt had any experience withe the HSM inserts either. Any experience you've had with bobby grace putters would be really helpful. Basically is this putter worth the $225 price tag, or would i be fine with a $160 od
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